Drafting & Design Technologies

Main Office: (575) 528-7310
The Drafting and Design Technologies Program provides students with a
strong foundation in Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD), Architecture/Design,
and relevant theory and concepts necessary to become successful in various
related fields. These fields include Architecture, Architectural Technology,
Civil/Survey Technology, Mechanical Drafting/Solid Modeling and Geographic Information Systems. Excellent job and salary opportunities are available nationwide for Drafters/
CAD specialists, technicians, architects, and engineers. With its rapid
growth, southern New Mexico also has strong employment possibilities for
graduates of the Drafting and Design Technologies Program. Students with
previous related training and/or formal education may quickly qualify for
more advanced positions, such as construction inspector or supervisor, contractor,
technical animator, or senior drafter.

Architectural Technology

Architectural 2D and 3D drafting, residential design, construction estimating, construction technology, architectural rendering and animation

Civil/Survey Technology

Civil engineering drafting, surveying fundamentals, roadway construction drafting, land development drafting, and GIS training

Geographic Information Systems

Foundations of geographic information systems and spatial analysis, including cartography and statistical methods

Mechanical Drafting and Solid Modeling

Mechanical drafting, machine/manufacturing fundamentals, basic mechanical design, parametric solid modeling, and animation


Architectural theory and drawing; design studio/culture; architectural history; computer applications; introduction to construction principles and construction documents; presentation techniques. Currently, the most popular transfer universities for DACC Pre-Architecture students are the University of New Mexico and Texas Tech University.  Both offer in-state tuition rates and have signed articulation agreements with DACC providing for the smooth and efficient transfer of credits. Acceptance into a transfer university’s architecture program is not automatic nor is it guaranteed. Students must follow the regular application procedures of the chosen university. Potential architecture students should contact the Pre-Architecture advisor at DACC for assistance with course scheduling and transfer procedures: 575-528-7310.

Pre-Architecture (Associate of Applied Science)

Contact Information

Contact any of our professional faculty and staff for more information and advising.

Luis Rios – (575) 527-7747 – luirios@nmsu.edu
Eugene Hernandez (575) 528-7225 – eherndz@nmsu.edu
Chipper Moore – (575) 527-7592 – chipmoor@nmsu.edu
Julia A. Kirton – (575) 527-7317 – jkirton@nmsu.edu
Noe Rodriquez – (575) 527-7770 – nrodriguez@nmsu.edu
Matt Byrnes – (575) 527-7573 – mbyrnes@dacc.nmsu.edu

model4Course Description:

For course descriptions on any of our program classes, please go to the link(s) below that correspond to your specific field of study.

Aerospace Technology – https://catalogs.nmsu.edu/dona-ana/academic-career-programs/aerospace-technology/
Automation & Manufacturing Tech. – https://catalogs.nmsu.edu/dona-ana/academic-career-programs/automation-manufacturing-technology/
Automotive Technology – https://catalogs.nmsu.edu/dona-ana/academic-career-programs/automotive-technology/
Building Construction Technology – https://catalogs.nmsu.edu/dona-ana/academic-career-programs/building-construction-technology/
Creative Media Technology – https://catalogs.nmsu.edu/dona-ana/academic-career-programs/creative-media-technology/
Drafting and Design Technology – https://catalogs.nmsu.edu/dona-ana/academic-career-programs/drafting-design-technologies/
Electronics Technology – https://catalogs.nmsu.edu/dona-ana/academic-career-programs/electronics-technology/
Environmental & Energy Technology – https://catalogs.nmsu.edu/dona-ana/academic-career-programs/environmental-energy-technologies/
HVAC – https://catalogs.nmsu.edu/dona-ana/academic-career-programs/hvac-refrigeration/
Water Technology – https://catalogs.nmsu.edu/dona-ana/academic-career-programs/water-technology/
Welding Technology – https://catalogs.nmsu.edu/dona-ana/academic-career-programs/welding-technology/

Student Activities and Clubsmodel_1

Students in these programs have the option to join extra activities and student clubs. Building leadership and involvement with the community.

Drafting & Graphics Association (DAGA)

DAGA seeks to develop leadership skills and to provide experience and networking contacts in the field of drafting.  This club is comprised of three national organizations: The American Design and Drafting Association (ADDA), the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), and Skills USA.  DAGA regularly participates in functions of Home Builders Institute and works closely with the Las Cruces Home Builders Association.

Contact: Eugene Hernandez – 575.528.7225 – eherndz@nmsu.edu

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) promotes excellence in architecture education, training and practice, to foster an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines, to enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration, and to organize students and combine their efforts to advance the art and science of architecture.

Contact:  Luis Rios – 575.527.7747 – luirios@nmsu.edu