Required Physical & Cognitive Skills

Applicants must present evidence of good health and be able to meet the physical and mental requirements of the program which include lifting and positioning the patients, manipulating all ultrasound equipment and dealing with the demands of both the program and clinical site requirements.

The following are required skills of sonographers and sonography students:

  • 1) Read, write and communicate effectively in English.
  • 2) Possess emotional and physical health sufficient to meet the demands of the
  • 3) Position, move and lift patients in wheelchairs and stretchers.
  • 4) Maintain prolonged arm positions necessary for scanning.
  • 5) Position and move ultrasound equipment on wheels (up to 500 lbs).
  • 6) Effectively operate sonographic equipment.
  • 7) Evaluate sonograms in order to acquire appropriate diagnostic information.
  • 8) Integrate diagnostic sonograms, laboratory results, patient history and medical
    records, and adapt the sonographic examination as necessary.
  • 9) Use independent judgment to acquire the optimum diagnostic sonographic
    information in each examination performed.
  • 10) Evaluate, synthesize and communicate diagnostic information to the attending
  • 11) Communicate effectively with the patient and the health care team, recognizing
    the special nature of sonographic examinations and patients needs.
  • 12) Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public and
    health care team.
  • 13) Follow established departmental procedures.
  • 14) Work efficiently and cope with emergency situations.