Certificate Track Pre-requisites and Admission Requirements

Completion of either:

  • An associate degree in an allied health field which is medically related and involves human patient care (proof of current certification in one’s allied health area is required).
    • Note: Recent allied health graduates may apply for the DMS program before they take national registry examinations provided that they schedule and pass their national examination before start date of the program.


  • A Bachelor of Science degree in a medically related field and includes: medical terminology and two semesters of anatomy and physiology.


  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • College-level course in algebra (MATH 120 OR MATH 121G or equivalent)
  • College-level course in general physics (PHYS 211G or equivalent), introductory physics for the health sciences (PHYS 210) or radiographic physics (RADT 105 or equivalent)

It is recommended that coursework in math and physics be within the last 5 years because these courses provide a foundation for the ultrasound physics and instrumentation course in this program.

Students are selected based on a point system (see Student Selection Process page). This is a limited-entry program with the number of students chosen for the program determined by the available clinical internship positions and program accreditation standards.

See the Admission Application Process page for step by step instructions for applying to the Certificate Track of the DMS Program

Completion of the program prerequisites does not guarantee entry into the DMS Program.