Associate Degree Pre-requisites and Admission Requirements

Program Pre-requisites

•  Successful completion of high school or a GED
•  Successful completion of a college degree in a non-medically related field with a GPA of 3.0 or better
•  Overall college GPA of 3.0 or better
Completion of the following courses with a B average or better: (Overall GPA must be a minimum 3.0 or better)
Note: Course designations in bold have NMSU and/or DACC prerequisites
Pre-requisites: (13 Credits)
I.    ENGL 111G
Rhetoric & Composition
II.   MATH 120/121G Intermediate Algebra OR College Algebra
(Choose one of these)
III.  PHYS 211G General Physics
    PHYS 210  Introductory Physics for the Health Sciences (preferred)
    RADT 105
 Radiographic Physics and Equipment (special admission requirement)
IV.  CHEM 110G/CHEM 111G
Principles and Applications of Chemistry OR General Chemistry I
V.   BIOL 225
Anatomy & Physiology I

Completion of the program prerequisites does not guarantee entry into the DMS Program.

Students are selected in two phases which is based on a point system. Points are earned through performance in pre-requisite courses. Additional bonus points can be earned through performance in relevant coursework (see Student Selection Process page). This is a limited entry program with the number of students chosen for the program determined by the available clinical internship positions and program accreditation standards. To be competitive in the admission process students should earn a B or better in the pre-requisite courses.

See the Admission Application Process page for step by step instructions for applying to the Associate Degree Track of the DMS Program.