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Dental Hygiene

  A dental patient gets a wellness checkup. Mission Statement

The Program is committed to creating an educational environment that will foster the development of learning as a life-long process, providing students with the cognitive knowledge, psychomotor skills and overall framework of affective values to provide dental hygiene care for a diverse, dynamic  population.


The Program will develop and implement a premier educational program incorporating creative, scholarly activity, outstanding service and continuing professional development for students, faculty, staff and the community we serve.

DACC Catalog

For more details about the Dental Hygiene Program, please visit the DACC Catalog


There are five (5) specific objectives for student learning outcomes in the Dental Hygiene Program. These are linked directly to the DACC Goals for student learning outcomes.

  1. Communicate effectively, verbally, non-verbally and in writing with individuals and groups from diverse populations.
  2. Apply ethical standards of conduct to personal life, professional roles and assume responsibility for self-assessment and lifelong learning.
  3. Apply numerical information and evidence-based research to the practice of dental hygiene.
  4. Use critical thinking and problem solving in the provision of evidence-based practice and promotion of patient health and wellness.
  5. Provide relevant, individualized, quality education, prevention strategies, and therapeutic services that will enhance oral and systemic health.


Goals have been established in four areas to help define the intended outcomes of the DACC Dental Hygiene Program, these include:

  • Teaching and Education
  • Patient Care
  • Service.



Degrees and Certifications

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Additional Info

Teaching and Education

  • Recruit and admit qualified applicants that reflect the diversity of the community.
  • Provide an educational process with positive reinforcement, stressing excellence, relevance, and purpose in educating dental hygiene students and others.
  • Produce ethically and morally responsible dental professionals concerned with providing quality care.
  • Demonstrate clinical and academic excellence and achievement of all five (5) program objectives and associated student learning outcomes.
  • Graduate students who have mastered the professional competencies of dental hygiene will excel in passing national, regional boards and state licensure examinations.
  • Engage students, faculty and staff in ongoing professional development, planning and outcomes assessment.

Patient Care

  • Honor the Patient's Bill of Rights.
  • Provide excellent Dental Hygiene care using evidence-based decision-making.
  • Provide opportunity for state of the art dental hygiene practice research and scholarly activities.
  • Participate in creative, scholarly activity to advance the dental hygiene profession as it relates to practice, teaching and community service.


  • Provide excellent service including patient care and community involvement.
  • Contribute to college activities.
  • Serve as a regional oral health professional resource for the dental community.