Performance Standards

Successful participation and completion of the Dental Assisting Program requires that the applicant be able to meet the demands of the program and profession.  Dental assisting students must be able to perform academically in a safe, reliable and efficient manner in classrooms, laboratory and clinical situations. The student must also demonstrate behaviors, skills and abilities in compliance with legal and ethical standards as set forth by the American Dental Assistants Association Code of Ethics and American Dental Association.

Doña Ana Community College Dental Assisting Programs are committed to the principles of diversity- student success and lifelong learning. This program is open to all qualified individuals who apply and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  Throughout the program, students will be acquiring the fundamental knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors that will allow them to successfully complete the program of study and to function as a Certified Dental Assistant.

Students working toward Certification in Dental Assisting must be able to meet these minimum standards, with or without reasonable accommodation, for successful completion of their formal training.