The DACC Cultural Diversity Committee invites you to share your thoughts about this past year-and-half. What words would you share about the good, the bad, what works, what doesn’t? We are looking for words of wisdom, words of encouragement and inspiration, words of truth and reality. We want to hear your voice and will post a selection of entries we receive to our Cultural Diversity Instagram page. If you wish to remain anonymous and not have your name associated with your post, please let us know.


  • Words should be your original work.
  • Posts should be no more than 50 words long.
  • Posts can be words or words and picture combos.
  • You should be the copyright holder for the image or have permission for image use.

Help everyone to keep it real by sharing your 2020-21 Pandemic Living Thoughts!

Please email your your thoughts to from now until November 15th, 2021.

Also, please consider following our Instagram page (dacc_culturaldiversity) so you can see what our DACC community has to say.