New to Online Courses? 

Here are a few tips and guidelines for success in an online course:

Understand the requirements and expectations of the online course. Online courses can be a more convenient way to learn, but are not faster or easier.  Read the instructional material sent with the course thoroughly. Call us if you would like to review this information prior to registering!

Make sure you have a reliable internet access and computer or tablet. For most courses, you’ll need to read online, watch videos, write, and participate in online discussions via email or a discussion board.  Make sure your technology is up-to-date and reliable and have a back-up plan if your device or computer crashes.  Save your readings and work on the cloud in Google Drive or Dropbox.

Use time management and create a study plan. Make sure you consider how much time you’ll need to complete the course. Make a weekly schedule of when you will log into your course, learn the material, read, write, and respond to the instructor and classmates, if required. Take special note of dates when you need to complete assignments or postings and note those in your plan.

Have a dedicated study space. Learning is best achieved in a quiet, comfortable, distraction-free environment. Consider the area you can set up in your home or at the library to participate fully in your course.

Ask for help. If you get stuck in your course or need assistance, check in with the instructor, or give us a call at WDCR, 575-527-7776.  We can help you navigate your course, get familiar with the programs, and even provide space in our computer lab where you could work on the course. We want to you succeed and gain the new knowledge and skills that you want!