Career Exploration and Advising

Are you looking for a new career or a better career?  Do you need direction or guidance to explore your options?

Come speak to our career coaches about developing new skills, career pathways in your current field or another field, and your training options at NMSU Doña Ana Community College’s non-credit and other programs.

How Can You Prepare Yourself?

Most jobs require specific technical skills, but all share a core set of skills and abilities. Recognize the skills you have and develop the skills the you need over your career lifetime.

The skills most in-demand by employers for today's workforce, and essential for career success are:

Foundation Skills

Decision Making

Evolving Environment

Develop your written and oral skills with practice and journaling. Join a speaking group for opportunities to organize and present your thoughts.
Develop leadership skills by volunteering at local schools, organizations, or community groups. Seek opportunities to work with others on a project or event. Learn to understand other's points of view.
Consider your beliefs and values and how you express those through work and relationships. Think about accountability to yourself and others.
Develop your awareness, control, and expression of your own emotions and ability to manage interpersonal relationships
Seek out experiences with people who are different from you. Develop understandings of how to work well with diverse people and perspectives. Travel overseas or volunteer in different communities.
Critical Thinking
Analyze and think through issues and apply previous knowledge to come to sound conclusions. Seek out opportunities to work on complex situations.
Be curious about the world. Look for connections between current topics and issues. Seek to understand.
Develop flexible thinking abilities by considering several concepts and shift from one concept to another. Helps with processing information and data about a complex issue or problem
Steadily increase your ability and knowledge of new technologies, such as coding, software, and cloud computing. Maintain good math, keyboarding, and computer skills.
Take advantage of flexible learning platforms to manage school, career, and life.
Explore arts, music, and literature to increase your creativity. Push yourself to try new activities.
Read and think across disciplines and from other perspectives. Look for new dynamic solutions to problems.

By mastering these crucial development skills, you can be sure that you are ready for a 21st century career.