Digital Graphics Technology

Digital Graphics

Emphasizes graphic design, print media, and web design, but also includes fundamentals in animation, multimedia, and digital film.

Associate of Applied Science – Digital Graphics Technology Degree Plan
Certificate of Completion – Digital Graphics Gainful Employment Disclosure

Web Design

Emphasizes how to effectively plan, design, and troubleshoot websites. Students will gain a strong skill set and knowledge base in web design. Course curriculum includes such current tools as XHTML, Web design and graphics, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Dreamweaver, and Photoshop as well as an introduction to E-commerce.

Certificate of Completion – Web Design Gainful Employment Disclosure

Employment and Opportunities

The future is bright for graduates of the CMT program, whether they choose to enter the job market immediately or pursue a bachelor’s degree. Several transfer tracks open the way for graduates of the Creative Media and Digital Graphics associate degree programs to continue their education at New Mexico State University or any institution of higher learning. There, they can pursue degrees in art, journalism, applied studies, individualized studies, or one of the offerings of the Creative Media Institute.

Employment will continue to increase for digital media specialists in advertising agencies, animation and film studios, web design companies, and other organizations throughout the business sector. Upon completion of one of the associate degrees, students must have the career-readiness certificate and will have designed and created a self-promotional package and professional, electronic portfolio or demo reel. High school students who are interested in a career in creative media are encouraged to take courses in art, photography, English, and mathematics. Courses as well as careers in media will require a person to be able to work at computers, communicate verbally and in writing, and participate in an online environment.