Creative Media Technology

Creative Media Technology

The Creative Media degree provides a foundation for students who are looking for professional opportunities in the areas of filmmaking, computer animation, digital video production, game design, and multimedia.

Associate of Applied Science - Creative Media Technology Degree Plan
Certificate of Completion - Creative Media Degree Plan

Digital Audio

Learn fundamental music and sound production using professional equipment, software, and techniques.  Courses explore the theory and practice of audio production and post-production. Emphasis is placed on the technical application of multi-track recording, mixing, editing, signal processing, equalization, DSP, and MIDI sequencing. All while gaining an understanding of what it takes to succeed in the audio industry.

Certificate of Completion - Digital Audio Degree Plan

Digital Video

Focuses on the entire digital film and video production process: including pre-production, basic and advanced camera techniques, post-production, editing, compositing, and sound. In preproduction and production courses, students gain experience in producing, directing, camera operation, sound recording, set etiquette, lighting techniques, and good composition. Students pitch stories, write treatments and scripts, and learn the logistics of planning a shoot: casting, organizing a crew, managing equipment, sets and props, budgets, and getting permits.
In postproduction courses, students develop a critical understanding of the processes, aesthetics and technical theory involved in non-linear video editing, compositing, visual effects, and sound design for narrative and documentary filmmaking, news, music video, and television commercials.

Certificate of Completion - Digital Video Degree Plan

Film Crew Training

FTTP provides hands-on, academic training to those interested in entering the physical production side of the film industry or live entertainment in various professional craft areas such as: grip, electric, sound, production assistance, etc.
Includes an introduction to production workflow and overview of specialized crafts and union recognized safety certification. Students get real on-set experience on various long and short-form productions, such as short films, commercials, PSAs and independent features, under the supervision of experienced crew members.

Certificate of Completion - Film Crew Training Degree Plan

Game Design

Focuses on the design principles, skills and techniques required to create mechanics, design documents and functioning prototypes for innovative game projects. Game Design students will be exposed to all the tools of the trade, as well as programming and asset creation skill sets. The coursework emphasizes design skills such as strong initial concepts, design documentation, game balancing and play-testing, interactive storytelling and interface design. Associate degree is pending approval.

Certificate of Completion - Game Design Degree Plan

Graphics and Animation

Covers the fundamentals of animation in either the technical world or the creative field.  Students will master the 3D principles such as shading, anatomy, modeling, texturing, rigging, etc.

Certificate of Completion - Graphics & Animation Degree Plan

Employment and Opportunities

The future is bright for graduates of the CMT program, whether they choose to enter the job market immediately or pursue a bachelor’s degree. Several transfer tracks open the way for graduates of the Creative Media and Digital Graphics associate degree programs to continue their education at New Mexico State University or any institution of higher learning. There, they can pursue degrees in art, journalism, applied studies, individualized studies, or one of the offerings of the Creative Media Institute.

Employment will continue to increase for digital media specialists in advertising agencies, animation and film studios, web design companies, and other organizations throughout the business sector. Upon completion of one of the associate degrees, students must have the career-readiness certificate and will have designed and created a self-promotional package and professional, electronic portfolio or demo reel. High school students who are interested in a career in creative media are encouraged to take courses in art, photography, English, and mathematics. Courses as well as careers in media will require a person to be able to work at computers, communicate verbally and in writing, and participate in an online environment.