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“DACC’s Computer and Information Technology Department gave me the support and courage to surpass my expectations. I graduated from DACC and I am currently a senior at NMSU’s College of Engineering majoring in Information and Communication Technology.”

—Karina Sigala

The computer industry is continuing to rapidly expand both in our local community and around the world. Many new opportunities exist in a wide variety of work settings. These include software support, hardware repair, network security, information management, consulting, programming, and education/training. Qualified, skilled personnel are in high demand.

Responding to this demand, DACC’s Computer and Information Technology Department is creating a qualified talent pool with skills in networking, information management, programming, software support, and computer hardware repair. In addition to the hands-on experience with the latest hardware and software, students also have the opportunity to obtain industry certifications. Training is offered in the following:

  • Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Linux Operating Systems
  • Cisco Certified Network Administration
  • Computer Maintenance Essentials
  • Network Technologies
  • Computer Programming

Degree and Certificate Requirements

The Computer and Information Technology program offers an associate of applied science degree with three options, as well as a certificate of completion. To view graduation requirements, click on any of the items below.

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For further information, call (575) 527-7668.

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