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Business Management

A computer screen displays marketing analysis for a small business.

If you’ve always wanted to work in the fast-paced world of business, the Business Management Program at DACC can be your ticket to success. The need for supervisors and managers in business organizations continues to grow with the economy, and our students are filling those positions. The experience and education you receive through the Business Management Program prepares you to assume those responsibilities.

Through a selected curriculum of practical training courses, general education courses, and selected elective classes that target a specific industry or business, the Business Management Program prepares students for entry-level supervisory or management positions.

Start your career with real-world experience. Learn from instructors who have managed businesses and have worked in the jobs they’re preparing you to hold. Learn from instructors who are working in the field, not just reading about it in the Wall Street Journal.

Specialize in one of several elective tracks. These prepare students for work in fields as diverse as real estate, finance and banking, retail marketing, and general management. Students graduating with these specializations

have gone on to work in organizations throughout the area, the state, and beyond. Courses are diverse. They include Introduction to Supervision, Business Law, Economics, Business English, Computer Spreadsheet Applications, and Business Finance.

The opportunity to specialize in a specific business area is provided by the requirement that all students undertake 15 credits of elective courses, allowing students to concentrate on an area in which they have a career interest. Elective options include general management, real estate, retail marketing and sales, and finance and banking.

How to Get Started

Prospective students can arrange for an initial degree planning session with an advisor after completing the application for program admission. Students are admitted to the program in the fall semester as a cohort, and must maintain their academic eligibility throughout their course of study.

Remember to consult the DACC Catalog, available online, for more complete information before choosing a program. Certain restrictions, qualifications, and/or fees may apply.