Welcome to DACC Advanced Technologies Division!
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Advanced Technologies Division is committed to providing students, of diverse backgrounds, opportunities that will support them in achieving their personal goals through innovative and relevant education, training, and workforce development while meeting the current and projected needs of industry. We focus on providing a successful transition to the workforce no matter the background.

The division offers students the opportunity to study a variety of professional courses developed and implemented from today’s leading industries. Classroom experiences are enhanced through high-tech lab activities that accentuate self-direction, productivity, and professionalism while challenging students to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and life-long learners.

Students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and enhance job skills through participation in the many students clubs and activities such as  Skills USA, which is the career and technical student organization for Trade and Industrial Education. Skills USA activities often include volunteer projects, professional development, and competitive events.

Check out our programs here and join us for a class, a certificate, or a degree.  Call us for more information at (575) 527-7599

Contact Information:

Name Title Phone Email
Sandra Castillo Division Dean (575) 528-7076
Martha Carrasco Administrative Assistant (575) 527-7599
Marisela Hernandez Admini. Assistant Associate (575) 527-7677
Jon Juarez Department Chair (575) 527-7665
Chipper Moore Department Chair (575) 527-7592
Terry Mount Department Chair (575) 527-7584
Megan Hernandez Academic Advisor (575) 528-7242