Stephen Osborn

Assistant Professor, Digital Film
Office: DADM 200-E
Phone: (575) 528-7313

Welcome! I’m Steve Osborn.

I teach digital video production, and related topics, at DACC. I started teaching part-time at DACC in 2005. In 2013 I became a full-time faculty member, and am now an Assistant Professor in the Creative Media Technology program. I have two shiny things on my desk which I am especially proud of: The Outstanding Part-Time Faculty Award, and The Rising Star Award for Outstanding New Faculty.

After my college days at The University of Texas at Austin, I started a film and video production company called Tortilla Productions. Film production is a technology intensive craft. I think it’s important to stay in touch with the latest trends in technology in one’s industry. I’m proud to be an educator who is still working in my craft. As a teacher, I take advantage of my summer and winter breaks by working as a Cinematographer on projects ranging from documentaries and commercials, to feature films.

I’m also a dad, and very conscious of the explosion of digital media happening all around us today. I’m raising a “digital native”. He will never remember a time before cell phones, YouTube and Facebook, like I do. We are swimming in a sea of digital media; and it’s only getting deeper. This is a fact…like it or not. I like to imagine a future in which my son is swimming a sea of beautiful digital media...well crafted messages, that are rich and sophisticated.

I love helping students come up with the best way to reveal their ideas visually. How to make a shot scarier, or funnier. I want to help you clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas through digital filmmaking.

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See you in class!

Courses Taught:
CMT115 – Digital Photography I – Revised Curriculum
CMT145 – Image Processing I
CMT190 – Digital Video Production I – Augmented Curriculum
CMT195 – Digital Video Editing I – Revised Curriculum
CMT205 – Cinematography – Created Entire Curriculum
CMT210 – Digital Video Production II – Revised Curriculum
CMT258 – Advanced Camera Techniques – Revised Curriculum
CMT276 – Advanced Photography Workshop (Time Lapse) – Created Entire Curriculum
CMT292 – Creative Media Studio