Layle Chambers

Layle Chambers


Associate Professor, Theatre Arts
Office: DADM 200-H
Phone: (575) 528-7048

Teaching/Artist Philosophy:
Bridging the professional theatre world and the academic theatre world is exhilarating and challenging. There is always so much to learn about the classroom, institution, and the ever-changing industry. I continue to seek professional opportunities to improve my ability as a teacher, and I continue to teach to contribute to the future of theatre. I believe the affirmation of an artist is not in the accomplishments of that artist but reflects in the eyes of those the artist inspires/teaches.


• Theatre is a collaborative art and by its nature must be inclusive in order to work,
• Theatre brings people together to serve both its’ educational & local communities,
• Theatre is the tool whereby we analyze our human experience and by so doing are better able to recognize and examine societal and individual experience,
• Performance is how we present ourselves to the world. Drama is life.


I am committed to serving the needs of students and the community in my role as teaching/artist:

I will teach theatre to a diverse group of learners and teach lifelong skills that will affect the community through emotional sharing/performance.

I believe in the power of dramatic literature to connect people of diverse culture, gender, socio-economic status, and intellectual access to a rich historic context:

I will emphasize original critical thinking through analysis and connection to a wide range of dramatic literary works.

I am dedicated to empowering the creative in my students and inspiring a knowledgeable appreciation for theatre:

I strive to encourage original work and participation in theatre productions that will serve the students and community.

I believe theatre has the ability to transform lives, and will offer students and community the opportunity to experience the art of live theatrical performance:

I will nurture and encourage originality and model the objectives I wish my students to learn through productions of student work and innovative presentation of published plays.


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