Arts Department Faculty

Matt ByrnesMatt Byrnes
Assistant Professor, Department Chair
M.A. 2013, New Mexico State University

Office: DADM 200-I
Phone: (575) 527-7573
Layle ChambersLayle Chambers
Associate Professor, Theatre Arts
M.A. 2001, University of Texas – El Paso

Office: DADM 200-H
Phone: (575) 528-7048
Stephen OsbornStephen Osborn
Assistant Professor, Digital Film
B.A. 1990, University of Texas – Austin

Office: DADM 200-E
Phone: (575) 528-7313
Abby OsborneAbby Osborne
Professor, Digital Graphics Technology
M.A. 2004, New Mexico State University

Office: DADM 200-J
Phone: (575) 527-7588
Generic Male Mug ShotGlenn Schwaiger
Professor, Fine Arts
M.F.A. 1990, New Mexico State University

Office: DAWD 110-C
Phone: (575) 527-7752
Generic Female Mug ShotLamaia Vaughn
Associate Professor, Creative Media Technology
M.F.A. 1991, University of Southern California

Office: DADM 200-B
Phone: (575) 528-7312
Generic Male Mug ShotMichael Brown
Assistant Professor, Game Design
B.A. Multimedia Technology 2003, University of Advancing Technologies, Tempe, AZ
Masters in Learning Technologies 2006, New Mexico State University

Office: DADM 200-K
Phone: (575) 528-7226