Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Is tutoring available to anybody?
    No, tutoring is available to all DACC college credit enrolled students.Academic Readiness Center Logo 2018
  2. Do you tutor all DACC subjects?
  3. How long is a tutoring session? *
    • Tutor appointments are for up to one hour.
  4. What if I need help for more than one hour? *
    • Depending on the need for tutor assistance, a student can receive help for more than an hour if the ARC is not too busy. This does not include Math.
  5. Do tutors assist with homework assignments, tests, exams, quizzes, and/or common exit exams?
    • Tutors will not do homework assignments with (or) for the student.  Tutors are not permitted to help students with take-home quizzes, tests, exams, Common Exit Essay, or test corrections unless specified by the professor.
  6.  Do I have to sign-in and sign-out if I only want to study?
    • Yes, every student that comes in the ARC needs to sign-in and sign-out, even if it is only to study.   The purpose for sign-in and sign-out is:  1) to monitor facility usage, 2) monitor subject matter sought to hire tutors appropriately, and 3) documentation for faculty when giving extra-credit for tutor attendance.
  7. Do we sign-in and out for different subjects?
    • Yes, if originally a student comes in for English (writing) help and after the student finishes with that subject wants help with Math, then the student needs to sign-out for English and sign-in for Math.
  8. Can I use the computers in the Center?
    • Yes, the computers in the Center can be used for academic purposes by any credit enrolled DACC students.  The computers do not provide a printer or Internet access.
  9.  Can I get help with writing a paper?*
    • Yes, tutors are skilled in basic writing mechanics, APA and MLA format for any DACC subject.
  10. Can I get one-on-one help with math?*
    • Yes, one-on-one help is available with math.  However, due to the high demand for math tutors, math tutors are responsible for working the floor and assisting many students at once.  Therein math tutors assist students with a  (one) problem then step away, give the student time to try the problem on their own, then return to the student to ensure the concept of the problem was understood.  Furthermore, math tutors have been instructed not to work every problem with a student, in other words math tutors will not help complete homework assignments.
  11. What time does the ARC open and close?
    • Tutoring is available at several sites and schedules differ, therefore, look  at Tutorial Services for subject matter and times.
  12. Is tutoring available on the weekends?
  13. Is tutoring available in the Spanish language?
    • Tutors support class instruction, thus with the exception of a foreign language class, class instruction and tutoring are done in English.
      *Sunland Park and Gadsden Center ARCs are staffed with Spanish speaking tutors (please call to verify).