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Due to concerns with the growing threat of Coronavirus and its potential impact on those who attend ALR, the Board has postponed the remaining programs to a later date. More information will be available here once the new schedule has been determined.


Presented by:

Lt. Colonel Wes Childs, Department of Military Science, NMSU presents a four-part presentation series on the U.S. Military, past and present.

Presentation 1:  Tuesday, September 15.
Using DOTMLPF, the Blueprint of the U.S. Military, to Study Military History

Presentation 2:  Thursday, September 17.
Becoming a Modern Military

Presentation 3:  Tuesday, September 22.
Military Operations in a Modern Age

Presentation 4:  Thursday, September 24.
Contemporary Military Operations and Wrap-Up


Genomics and Its Applications

Presented by:

Peter Houde, Professor, NMSU Department of Biology;

Michelle Graham, Forensic Specialist II, DPS, Forensic Laboratory;

Richard Selinfreund, Associate Professor, Department of Physiology and Pathology, Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine; and

Brook Milligan, Professor, NMSU Department of Biology

The development of methods to rapidly and inexpensively sequence genes, and more recently to edit genomes, have profoundly impacted our understanding of human evolution, animal and plant relationships, and the causes of many diseases. Four experts in biology, medicine and forensics will describe how genomics is applied in their disciplines, the new insights generated by genomic data, and the potential utility of genome editing.

  1. Frontiers in the Genomics of Humanity: Who are we and where did we come from? Peter Houde
  2. Do Not Assume. The Reality and Misconceptions about Forensic DNA Testing. Michelle Graham
  3. Walking in the Land of the Giants. Richard Selinfreund
  4. Whither gene editing: Breakthrough or just another tool? Brook Milligan


Women's Struggles for Freedom, Equality and Justice

Presented by:

Eileen Kalberg VanWie, Retired Professor, Education, Southwest Minnesota State University and co-chair Las Cruces League of Women Voters as Alice Paul; and

Julie Wojtko, M.A. History, NMSU and Educator, Las Cruces Public Schools, Arrowhead Park Early College High School

Women have long sought the ability to shape their destinies, participate as equals in society, and be justly treated. Alice Paul was one of the most significant women seeking these changes in the United States. This series will assess the history of the women’s suffrage movement in the United States, Alice Paul’s role in seeking the 19th Amendment, and the movement for the Equal Rights Amendment after 1921.

  1. Struggling for Suffrage – 1830 through 1916
  2. Being Jailed and Tortured for Freedom – 1917
  3. Ratifying the Nineteenth Amendment – 1918 through 1920
  4. Promoting the Equal Rights Amendment – 1921 and Beyond


The Evolution of U.S. Military Operations, Past and Present

Presented by

Lt. Colonel Wes Childs, Professor, Department of Military Science, NMSU

These presentations will explore how U.S. Army operations evolved though several generations as the Army moved further away from European influences. The presentations will assess changes in planning and technology and the ways in which the Army’s studies of previous military operations have affected the development of the modern Army.

  1. Using DOTMLPF, the Blueprint of the U.S. Military, to Study Military History
  2. Becoming a Modern Military
  3. Military Operations in a Modern Age
  4. Contemporary Military Operations and Wrap-Up

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