Rocket Launch - NASA

• Associate of Applied Science Degree

• Certificate of Completion

Aerospace technology refers to the construction, testing, and maintenance of aircraft and space vehicles. Technicians may be involved in the assembly, service, testing, operation, and repair of systems associated with dependable and reusable space launch vehicles and related ground support equipment. The successful candidate in this new field will possess a very broad range of technology-based skills.

The curriculum includes the core skills used in spaceflight technology, as well as instruction in commercial spaceflight requirements. It also prepares students for the nationally recognized SpaceTEC certification examination, which qualifies graduates for opportunities at Spaceport America and emerging local aerospace-related industries in southern New Mexico. The broad skills and knowledge students acquire in this program also are applicable to jobs in electronics and manufacturing.

Students may complete the Aerospace Technology program on a part-time basis by taking classes during the evening or during the day.

For further information on the Aerospace Technology Program, call (575) 528-7407.