LV-DAC: Become a Volunteer Tutor!

become a tutorVolunteer tutors commit to tutor one learner, on a one-to-one basis, twice per week.

Before starting as a tutor, you will receive free training.  Then LV-DAC will match you with a learner from our waiting list, and you and your learner will determine a convenient study schedule and place.  LV-DAC will support you by providing necessary books and materials, additional training opportunities, and recognition events.

Tutoring with our volunteer literacy programs benefits:

  • Learners: The average learner improves one grade level after 45-55 hours of tutoring. Learners report increased self-esteem, reduced need for public assistance, and improved job opportunities.
  • Families: As a parent's educational level rises, their children experience more success at school.
  • Our Communities: LV-DAC volunteer tutors provide more than 3,000 hours of individual instruction each year.  The economic value of this service to the community is estimated to be more than $76,000 annually.
  • Our Economy: Learners use the new skills they gain to improve employability and on-the-job productivity.  As they earn promotions, move to better jobs, and earn higher wages, they increase their economic activity and tax revenues.

"There are many reasons why some people can't read. You can be the reason why they can."  Ruth Colvin, founder of Literacy Volunteers of America (now a part of ProLiteracy)