CECD does not charge for classes and noncredit instructional programs.  For more information please call the center near to you:

Chaparral Center                                          Telephone: 575 824-2010
Gadsden Center                                            Telephone: 575 882-6813
Quintana Center                                           Telephone: 575 527-7540
Sunland Park Center                                    Telephone: 575 874-7790
Workforce Center off Nevada Street         Telephone: 575 528-7477

HSE-High School Equivalency

Those 16 years of age or older who do not have a high school diploma may attend HSE classes or study at any of our adult learning centers in preparation to successfully pass the mathematics, reading/writing, social studies, and science high school equivalency tests. AE offers HSE instruction in either English or Spanish. Students who attend Spanish HSE classes are required to concurrently enroll in and attend ESL classes.  For additional study, students may receive tutoring at any of our adult education learning centers.

ESL-English as a Second Language

This program helps improve English language skills for non-native speakers. Students will be pre-tested and placed at the appropriate level.  Students acquire academic English skills (reading, writing, and grammar), build their vocabulary, and increase conversation, listening comprehension and life skills. Small group instruction is available at each learning center to support learning.