Academic Support

DACC and NMSU have a number of campus offices that can support you directly in your academics. Take advantage of them.

DACC Academic Readiness Center/Tutoring

Provides FREE tutoring in most subjects for credit enrolled DACC students. Academic subjects currently include math, writing for all subjects, business, sciences, and many other subjects. Tutorial services are also available at East Mesa Campus, Central Campus, Gadsden and Sunland Park Centers.

NMSU Student Success Center

Staff at the Student Success Center are committed to providing direct assistance to students, from all disciplines and all levels of academic standing.

Center for Academic Success

NMSU, Hardman Hall 210, (575) 646-3136. This resource offers services including academic effectiveness workshops and learning skills courses, including such topics as:
•Time Management
•Overcoming Procrastination
•Memory and Concentration
•Test Preparation and Test Taking
•Listening and Note Taking
•Textbook Reading Efficiency
•Managing Academic Stress
•Overcoming Math Anxiety
•Speed Reading and Critical Reading
•Writing a Research/Term Paper
•Technical General Vocabulary
•Standardized Test Preparation

Math Success Center

NMSU Walden Hall, Room 101, (575) 646-6271.
This resource offers help in the form of math test preparation and tutoring.

Writing Center

NMSU Clara Belle Williams Hall (English Building), Room 102, (575) 646-5297.
Free one-on-one consultations at any stage of the writing process, from understanding assignments and directions to revising final drafts. Assistants in the Center do not proofread and edit drafts for errors, but assist you in learning these skills.