2016-2017 Roadmaps – Sequence of Courses

Aerospace Technology

RM A-16-17 Aerospace Technology

RM C-16-17 Aerospace Technology


Associate of General Studies


Associate of Arts

RM A-16-17 Associate of Arts


Associate of Science

RM A-16-17 Associate of Science


Automation and Manufacturing Technology

RM A-16-17 Automation and Manuf Tech

RM C-16-17 Autom and Manuf-Basic Manuf and Bridge

RM C-16-17 Automation and Manuf Tech


Automotive Technology

RM A-16-17 Automotive Technology

RM C-16-17 Automotive Technology


Building Construction Technology

RM C-16-17 Building Construction Tech


Business Occupations

RM A-16-17 Business Occupations

RM C-16-17 Business Management-General

RM C-16-17 Business Fundamentals

RM C-16-17 Advertising Representative


Business Office Technology

RM A-16-17 Administrative Asst

RM A-16-17 Bookkeeping Asst

RM A-16-17 Medical Office Asst

RM C-16-17 Bilingual Office Specialist

RM C-16-17 General Office Assistant

RM C-16-17 Medical Billing

RM C-16-17 Medical Transcription


Computer and Information Technology

RM A-16-17 IT Specialist Option

RM A-16-17 Networking Option

RM A-16-17 Programming

RM C-16-17 Computer and Information Tech


Creative Media Technology

RM A-16-17 Creative Media Tech

RM A-16-17 Digital Graphics Tech

RM C-16-17 Creative Media Tech

RM C-16-17 Digital Audio

RM C-16-17 Digital Graphics

RM C-16-17 Digital Video

RM C-16-17 Film Crew Training

RM C-16-17 Game Design

RM C-16-17 Grphcs and Anim-Creative Trk

RM C-16-17 Grphcs and Anim-Tech Trk

RM C-16-17 Web Design


Criminal Justice – See “Law Enforcement”


Culinary Arts

RM A-16-17 Culinary Arts


Dental Assistant

RM C-16-17 Dental Assistant


Dental Hygiene

RM A-16-17 Dental Hygiene


Diagnostic Medical Sonography

RM A-16-17 Diagnostic Medical Sonography

RM C-16-17 Diagnostic Sonography


Drafting & Design Technologies

RM A-16-17 AT-Architec Presen Graphics Track

RM A-16-17 AT-Construction Admin Track

RM A-16-17 AT-General Drafting and Design

RM A-16-17 AT-Green Const and Design Track

RM A-16-17 AT-Infor and Comm Tech

RM A-16-17 CS-Civil Eng Tech Track

RM A-16-17 CS-Construc Admin

RM A-16-17 CS-General Option Track

RM A-16-17 CS-Geographical Info System

RM A-16-17 CS-Prof Bus Graphics Track

RM A-16-17 MD and SM Aerospace Industry Track

RM A-16-17 MD and SM Info and Comm Tech Track

RM A-16-17 MD and SM Manufacturing Industry Track


RM A-16-17 Pre-Architecture


RM C-16-17 Architectural Technology

RM C-16-17 Civil Survey Tech

RM C-16-17 General Draft and Graphics

RM C-16-17 Geographical Info Systems

RM C-16-17 Mechan Draft and Solid Modeling


Early Childhood Education

RM A-16-17 Early Childhood Education



RM A-16-17 Education


Electrical Apprenticeship

RM A-16-17 Electrical Apprenticeship

RM C-16-17 Electrical Apprenticeship


Electrical Lineworker

RM C-16-17 Electrical Lineworker


Electronics Technology

RM A-16-17 Tech General Electronics Tech

RM A-16-17 Tech Biomedical Electronics

RM C-16-17 General Electronics Tech

RM C-16-17 Biomedical Electronics


Emergency Medical Services

RM A-16-17 EMT Paramedic

RM C-16-17 EMT Basic Licensure

RM C-16-17 Prep for EMT-Intermed Licensure

RM C-16-17 EMT Paramedic

RM C-16-17 First Responder Pre-Hospital


Environmental and Energy Technologies

RM A-16-17 Alternative Fuels Option

RM A-16-17 Solar and Energy Conserv. Option

RM C-16-17 Alternative Fuels

RM C-16-17 Basic Solar

RM C-16-17 Solar Energy Technology

RM C-16-17 Energy Conservation

RM C-16-17 Energy Evaluation


Fire Investigations

RM A-16-17 Fire Investigations


Fire Science Technology

RM A-16-17 Fire Science Tech

RM C-16-17 Basic Firefighter


General Engineering

RM A-16-17 General Engineering


Health Care Assistant

RM C-16-17 Health Care Assistant

RM C-16-17 Licensed Practical Nurse

RM C-16-17 Nursing Assistant


Health Information Technology

RM A-16-17 Health Information Technology

RM C-16-17 Health Information Technology


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration

RM A-16-17 HVAC

RM C-16-17 HVAC-Refrigeration

RM C-16-17 Residential HVAC



RM A-16-17 Hospitality and Tourism

RM A-16-17 Hospitality Services Mgnt


Law Enforcement

RM A-16-17 Criminal Justice

RM A-16-17 Law Enforcement Corrections Option

RM A-16-17 Law Enforcement LE Option


Library Science

RM A-16-17 Library Science

RM C-16-17 Specialized Topics in LS

RM C-16-17 Children’s Literature

RM C-16-17 Customized Study

RM C-16-17 Fundamentals of Library Science


N.M. General Education Common Core




RM A-16-17 Nursing

RM C-16-17 Licensed Practical Nurse

RM C-16-17 Nursing Assistant


Paralegal Studies

RM A-16-17 Paralegal Studies



RM A-16-17 Pre-Business


Public Health

RM A-16-17 Public Health


Radiologic Technology

RM A-16-17 Radiologic Technology

Computed Tomography

RM C-16-17 Computed Tomography


Respiratory Therapy

RM A-16-17 Respiratory Therapy


Water Technology

RM A-16-17 Water Technology

RM C-16-17 Water Technology


Welding Technology

RM A-16-17 Welding Technology

RM C-16-17 Welding Technology