2015-2016 Roadmaps – Sequence of Courses

Aerospace Technology

Associate in Aerospace Technology

Certificate in Aerospace Technology


Associate of General Studies


Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts


Associate of Science

Associate of Science


Automation and Manufacturing Technology

Associate in Automation and Manufacturing Technology


Automotive Technology

RM A-15-16 AutomotiveTechnology

RM C-15-16 Automotive Technology


Building Construction Technology

RM C-15-16 Building Construction Tech


Business Occupations

RM A-15-16 Business Occupations

RM C-15-16 General Business Mgt

RM C-15-16 Business Fundamentals

RM C-15-16 Advertising Representative



Business Office Technology

RM A-15-16 Administrative Asst

RM A-15-16 Bookkeeping Asst

RM A-15-16 Medical Office Asst

RM C-15-16 Bilingual Office Specialist

RM C-15-16 General Office Assistant

RM C-15-16 Medical Billing

RM C-15-16 Medical Transcription


Computer and Information Technology

RM A-15-16 Comp Info Tech IT Specialist

RM A-15-16 Comp Info Tech Networking

RM A-15-16 Comp Info Tech Programming

RM C-15-16 Computer Information Tech


Creative Media Technology

RM A-15-16 Creative Media Tech

RM A-15-16 Digital Graphics Tech

RM C-15-16 Creative Media Tech

RM C-15-16 Digital Audio

RM C-15-16 Digital Graphics

RM C-15-16 Digital Video

RM C-15-16 Film Crew Training

RM C-15-16 Game Design

RM C-15-16 Grphcs and Anim-Creative Trk


RM C-15-16 Web Design


Criminal Justice – See “Law Enforcement”


Culinary Arts

RM A-15-16 Culinary Arts


Dental Assistant

RM C-15-16 Dental Assistant


Dental Hygiene

RM A-15-16 Dental Hygiene


Diagnostic Medical Sonography

RM A-15-16 Diagnostic Medical Sonography

RM C-15-16 Diagnostic Sonography


Drafting & Design Technologies

RM A-15-16 AT – Architec Presen Graphics Track

RM A-15-16 CS-Civil Eng Tech Track

RM A-15-16 Pre-Architecture

RM C-15-16 Architectural Technology

RM C-15-16 Civil Survey Tech


RM C-15-16 Geographical Info Systems

RM C-15-16 Mechan Draft and Solid Modeling


Early Childhood Education

RM A-15-16 Early Childhood Education



RM A-15-16 Education


Electrical Apprenticeship

RM A-15-16 Electrical Apprenticeship

RM C-15-16 Electrical Apprenticeship


Electrical Lineworker

RM C-15-16 Electrical Lineworker


Electronics Technology

RM A-15-16 Electronics Tech General

RM A-15-16 Electronics Tech Biomedical

RM C-15-16 Tech General Electronics Tech

RM C-15-16 Tech Biomedical Electronics


Emergency Medical Services

RM A-15-16 EMT Paramedic

RM C-15-16 EMT Basic Licensure

RM C-15-16 EMT-Intermed Licensure Prep

RM C-15-16 First Responder Pre-hospital


Environmental and Energy Technologies

RM A-15-16 Alternative Fuels Option

RM A-15-16 Solar and Energy Conservation Option

RM C-15-16 Alternative Fuels

RM C-15-16 Basic Solar


Fire Investigations

RM A-15-16 Fire Investigations


Fire Science Technology

RM A-15-16 Fire Science Tech

RM C-15-16 Basic Firefighter


General Engineering

RM A-15-16 General Engineering


Health Care Assistant

RM C-15-16 Health Care Assistant

RM C-15-16 Nursing Assistant


Health Information Technology

RM A-15-16 Health Information Technology

RM C-15-16 Health Information Technology


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration

RM A-15-16 HVAC

RM C-15-16 HVAC-Refrigeration

RM C-15-16 Residential HVAC



RM A-15-16 Hospitality and Tourism

RM A-15-16 Hospitality Services Mgnt


Law Enforcement

RM A-15-16 Criminal Justice

RM A-15-16 Law Enforcement Corrections Option

RM A-15-16 Law Enforcement LE Option


Library Science

RM A-15-16 Library Science

RM C-15-16 Specialized Topics in LS

RM C-15-16 Children’s Literature

RM C-15-16 Customized Study

RM C-15-16 Fundamentals of Library Science


N.M. General Education Common Core




RM A-15-16 Nursing

RM C-15-16 Licensed Practical Nurse


Paralegal Studies

RM A-15-16 Paralegal Studies



RM A-15-16 Pre-Business


Public Health

RM A-15-16 Public Health


Radiologic Technology

RM A-15-16 Radiologic Technology

Computed Tomography

RM C-15-16 Computed Tomography


Respiratory Therapy

RM A-15-16 Respiratory Therapy


Water Technology

RM A-15-16 Water Technology

RM C-15-16 Water Technology


Welding Technology

RM A-15-16 Welding Technology

Welding Technology Certificate of Completion