End of Term Grades/Repeating Courses

End-of-Term Failing Grades

VA pays for courses that are required and in pursuit* of degree programs. Any course in which an “F” grade is received will require a statement from the instructor(s) and the student confirming the last date of class attendance. Last date of class attendance will be reported to VA as a punitive grade and will result in an overpayment to the student. Until our office is able to obtain a last date of attendance, future certifications cannot be processed.


* The term “pursuit,” in this case, means to work while enrolled toward the objective of successfully completing a program of education.

 Repeating Courses

VA allows a one-time-only recertification for a repeated course if the grade in the course does not meet graduation degree requirements (this rule excludes courses that are certified as electives). If, after repeating a course, you receive another “F” grade and training time is affected, an overpayment will accrue to the semester in which the “F” grade is excluded. If you have questions pertaining to the Repeat Policy, please contact the Veterans Program Office.