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General Studies Courses

Developmental/College Studies Courses

Developmental Studies courses help students develop basic skills for entry into college-level courses. They are identified by an “N” that ap­pears after the course number. Developmental Studies courses are included on the transcript and will be calculated in the academic grade point average, but do not count toward a degree.

On the other hand, College Studies courses do carry academic credit and are designed to help students acquire the attitudes and strategies necessary for college success.

Students’ placement in developmental stud­ies courses will be determined by one or more of the following instruments: ACT assessment, ACT-COMPASS, and locally developed tests. Students must achieve a C or better in courses with “CCD-” prefixes to continue with the next course.

Course Descriptions

The various prefixes represent different areas of study as shown:

  • CCDE: Developmental English
  • CCDL: Developmental Language (ESL)
  • CCDM: Developmental Mathematics
  • CCDR: Developmental Reading
  • CCDS: Developmental Skills
  • COLL: College Studies

General Education Courses

General education courses taught at DACC are lower-division, university-level courses that are the same as those taught at NMSU. They are identified by the “G” that appears after the course number. In addition to meet­ing DACC graduation requirements, they may also be used to meet requirements for bache­lor’s degree programs at NMSU.

DACC students are given priority in enroll­ment for general education courses taught at the Central and East Mesa campuses. Dur­ing the 2006-2007 academic year, the prior­ity enrollment period will end two weeks prior to the beginning of each semester or summer session. NMSU students may enroll in these courses after the priority enrollment period has ended.