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Steps to Take While at DACC

  When you are admitted to DACC, you are required to speak with an academic advisor before enrolling in classes for your first semester.   At any meeting with advising staff, take a notebook and be prepared to take notes.   We cover a lot of material, and you will be unlikely to remember all of the important information we discuss.  If you forget something we discuss, or lose your notes, make sure you email, call, or drop by to ask us.  We will ensure we answer your questions as best we can.  Based on the information you share with us, we can help guide you to many resources that we have at DACC, at NMSU, and elsewhere that can assist you in your planning process. 

  • At your academic advising appointment, tell your advisor that you are considering transferring to another college or university, and schedule a follow up appointment with your academic advisor during non-peak advising times. 
  • Discuss your career and educational goals with your advisor. 
  • If you are undecided about what degree you want, let us know.  Your goals may change while you are a student, and this is not unusual.  If you change your mind on the direction you want to go, it is important you tell us right away so we can help you adjust your academic plan. 
  • You should be reviewing your STAR Degree Audit and meeting with academic advising staff regularly while you are a student to ensure you are on the right track with your classes. 

  We are happy to assist you with this process, so please, make those appointments with your advisor during non-peak advising times and make sure you show up for them.   It will most likely take more than one appointment to get your plan in place and answer all of your questions.