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Articulation Agreement – This is an agreement between two colleges or universities.  It spells out how a course taken at the institution you transfer from will be accepted at the institution you transfer to.  Generally, colleges and universities that have larger numbers of students transferring between them are more likely to have formalized articulation agreements.

Exchanges – Many colleges and universities participate in student exchanges.  Their participation in these, may afford you the opportunity to attend a college or university in another state at a tuition rate below that of an out of state resident. 

New Mexico State University System – This refers to any one of the following: New Mexico State University – Las Cruces, Doña Ana Community College, New Mexico State University - Alamogordo, or New Mexico State University – Carlsbad, New Mexico State University - Grants.  If you wish to transfer to any institution in the New Mexico State University System, make sure you tell their admissions personnel that you attended DACC!

Residency Requirements – Most colleges and universities have varying tuition rates, based upon your residency status.  Usually the rates are lowest for resident tuition.  Non-residents and international students usually pay a higher rate of tuition which can often be between two and four times as high as resident tuition!  Make sure you know what your residency status is when considering the cost of attending the college or university you wish to transfer to.

Transcript Evaluation – When you have had your official transcripts sent to the new college or university you are going to attend, you will need to make sure they evaluate your transcripts.  This is the process of determining what courses at this college or university will give you credit for completing based upon what courses you have taken in the past.  The folks doing this kind of work can be overloaded so it may take a couple of months for this process to be completed.

Transfer – This refers to changing enrollment from one college or university to another.  This process usually includes the need to apply for admission to the new college or university, and having an official copy of your transcripts mailed from Doña Ana Community College to the new college or university you are going to attend.