Degree Application

Filing Your Degree Application

Students are required to file an application for their Certificate of Completion and/or Associate Degree and pay the application fee for each one. This fee ($10 for a certificate; $25 for an associate degree) must be paid before the end of the semester or session in which the candidate anticipates completing degree requirements. These fees may be paid at the DACC Cashiers Office at any of the DACC campuses. If the certificate/degree requirements are not completed during the semester or session for which the student paid the fee, the student must reapply and pay any fees that may apply. A late fee of $25 will be added to applications received after last day to apply without a late fee.  Applications for the associate degree can be filed on-line from the students  Certificate applications are available at

Please refer to the following schedule for application deadlines:

Fall 2017 Application Deadline

August 25, 2017 Last day to apply without a $25 late fee
October 2, 2017 Application deadline with late fee

Spring 2018 Application Deadline

November 9, 2017 Application period opens
January 26, 2018 Last day to apply without a $25 late fee
March 2, 2018 Application deadline with late fee

Degree Applications will not be accepted after the last day to apply.