Welcome to DACC’s Staff Council Page


Change of Leadership

It is time for Staff Council Elections! Renee Pardee will be retiring as Chair of staff council, moving into the position of Advisory Chair. Abrahm Overcast will take over as Chair starting in August 2017. He will be joined by a new chair-elect and secretary.

Elections for representatives will start Aug. 11 and will close on Aug. 23.



Submit your nominations for Chair-Elect, Secretary in the Staff Council Comments & Questions form or email Renee Pardee: rpardee@dacc.nmsu.edu

Nominations end Aug. 10


Professional Development

Summer Professional Development Series was a great success! Thank you everyone for participating, and a huge thank you to our instructors: Omar Carrillo, John Paulman, Robert Doyle, Kelly Brooks, and Kathy Bell!

If we want to keep the professional development coming, it is the job of the council and it’s members (all DACC Staff) to make sure that we speak up about the type of professional development we would like, and to assist in finding instructors, pursuing opportunities (such as professional development day), and participating in events.