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College Vision: Dona Ana Community College (DACC) will be a premier learning college that is grounded in academic excellence and committed to fostering lifelong learning and active, responsible citizenship within the community.

Nursing Program Vision: To educate and prepare students of diverse backgrounds for lifelong learning through excellence in nursing education, thus allowing them to promote health and wellness in patients across the lifespan.


College Mission: DACC is a responsive and accessible learning-centered community college that provides educational opportunities to a diverse community of learners in support of workforce and economic development.

Nursing Program Mission: Provide educational preparation opportunities for a diverse group of students in response to community health care and nursing workforce needs.


College Values: As a learning-centered community college, DACC is committed to the following core values:


Education that —

  •  offers lifelong learning opportunities
  •  fosters dynamic learning environments designed to meet the needs of our students
  •  guarantees equality of rights and access
  •  ensures integrity and honesty in the learning process
  •  provides comprehensive assessment of learning

Students who will be —

  • respected for their diversity
  • provided with a safe and supportive learning environment
  • challenged to become critical and independent thinkers
  • expected to take an active role in their learning process

Leaders and Employees who —

  • practice transparency and inclusiveness in decision-making and shared governance and with external stakeholders
  • encourage and support professional growth
  • demonstrate high ethical standards and integrity
  • encourage collaborative interaction among faculty and staff
  • practice responsible fiscal management and personal accountability
  • ensure equal opportunities for a diverse faculty and staff

Communities that —

  •  build partnerships, including educational alliances
  •  strengthen industry partnerships to provide workforce development services and
  •  programs in support of economic development
  •  develop and adapt instructional programs in response to changing educational needs

Nursing Program Core Values: Each discipline is guided by core values. The DACC nursing program utilizes a combination of beliefs to provide an eclectic curricular framework, allowing the program to readily draw from bodies of knowledge outside of the nursing profession. Through this process, the program will maintain a foundation of evidence-based practice. The following is the statement of core values regarding the nursing profession as accepted by faculty and staff of the nursing program at DACC.

Last updated 9/18/2014