Public Health

Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skill in 4 of the 7 Responsibility Areas for Health Education

Assess individual and community needs for health education

  • Accessing existing health related data

  • Analyze health related data

Plan Health Education Strategies, Interventions, and Programs

  • Identify populations for health education programs

  • Incorporate data analysis and principles of community organization

  • Formulate appropriate and measurable program objectives

Implement Health Education Strategies, Interventions, and Programs

  • Use community organization principles to facilitate change conducive to health

  • Demonstrate a variety of skills in delivering strategies, interventions, and programs

  • Use a variety of methods to implement strategies, interventions, and programs

Develop plans for evaluation and research

  • Evaluate data–gathering instruments and processes

  • Develop methods to evaluate factors that influence shifts in health status

  • Interpret results from evaluation and research

  • Infer implications from findings for future health–related activities

In addition – students will:

  1. Work collaboratively in teams

  2. Solve problems from various perspectives with team members

  3. Identify the problem, justify the predicted outcome, analyze the data, and synthesize the conclusion

  4. Apply the public health and community health education interventions to real life situations

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