Computer Information Technology

Students will be able to:

  • demonstrate effective written business communication skills

  • demonstrate professional demeanor

  • demonstrate ability to negotiate

  • demonstrate collaborative problem-solving skills

  •  differentiate individual computer components within an integrated system

  • categorize current data information systems technology

  • demonstrate individualized problem solving skills

  • analyze information technologies

  • recommend solutions to improve system performance

  • develop integrated information system solutions

  • apply information technology to support workplace performance

  • demonstrate application of social responsibility and ethical standards

  • demonstrate ability to direct continuous professional self-development

  • demonstrate ability to write well-crafted programs in at least one language

  • evaluate networking environments

  • identify technology based business models

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2011/2012 Plan Report
2010/2011 Plan Report
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2008/2009 Plan Report
2007/2008 Plan Report
2006/2007 Plan Report
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