Building Construction Technology

Students will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively orally and through writing
  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret information and instructions
  • Work effectively as a team
  • Demonstrate an understanding of sustainable and alternative building practices (i.e., LEED/Green)
  • Demonstrate how related industry theories apply to real world settings
  • Investigate mechanical processes found in building trades
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the environmental problems arising from conventional practices
  • Construct professional development plans
  • Apply human relation skills to project management role
  • Describe how to measure personnel and individual improvement
  • Demonstrate effectively leadership skills through the use of available resources
  • Define cost control and identify the purpose of a control system
  • Determine basic project scheduling terms and inputs
  • Identify and resolve ethical workplace issues
  • Describe the responsibilities of safety related to the construction industry
  • Implement national and local building codes
  • Estimate quantity of materials
  • Demonstrate ability to construct a building from the ground up
    • Cite layout
    • Excavation
    • Cite preparation
    • Concrete
    • Framing
    • Roofing
    • Rough ins
    • Thermal and moisture protection
    • Exterior finishing
    • Interior finishing
  • Demonstrate an understanding of construction math
  • Identify various types of building materials and their uses
  • Identify and use hand and power  tools commonly used by carpenters
  • Read and interpret plans included in a set of blueprints
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