Automotive Technology

Students will be able to:

  • write technical reports explaining customers complaint(s), specific component malfunction(s) and related problems to include repair procedures, specifications, parts and costs associated with each specific repair

  • determine, categorize and document component or systems malfunctions which will be discussed in class

  • design, develop and maintain adequate records of all repairs performed by using a triplicate type of repair order identical to those used in the automotive field

  • use these records to inform, present and legally justify all needed repairs

  • adequately identify safety hazards associated with electrical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems before participating in any lab project

  • use a systematic approach to identify, diagnose and repair new hydro, electrical and mechanical systems

  • identify all related parts and components before attempting to repair each system

  • clearly identify and understand the specific function of each component before these systems and subsystems are dismantled for repairs

  • demonstrate proficiency when using basic computer systems including: Word and Excel

  • demonstrate proficiency in locating, identifying and following procedures for repairs as outlined on the Mitchell and All-DATA computer information systems. 

  • retrieve all phases of automotive information needed to repair the following: Electrical and Electronics, Engine Repair, Engine Performance, Automatic transmissions, Heating And Air Conditioning Systems

  • demonstrate proficiency in the proper usage of on-board computer scanners used to identify and properly diagnose possible malfunction within a specific on-board computer system

  • demonstrate proficiency in the proper use of  scanners,  information and vehicle specifications to determine needed repairs

  • identify, evaluate, diagnosis and repair electrical, electronic and mechanical systems and subsystems

  • identify their own personal areas in which they may feel the need to polish up their professional skills

  • assess personal “development” paths, which will ensure a constant advancement through evolving technology careers

  • enter the workforce as trained technicians

  • demonstrate the required skills through our NATEF Certified Competency Based Program in each class

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