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Faculty Council Constitution and Bylaws

Table of Contents

·Article I: Name 
·Article II: Purpose 
   ·Article III: Faculty Council Structure 
o Section 1: Membership 
Section 2: Organization 
o Section 3:  Faculty Council Standing Committees 
o Section 4:  Ad Hoc Committees
· Article IV: Procedure for Constitutional Change 
o Section 1:  Procedure for amending the Constitution 
o Section 2:  Procedure for amending the Bylaws 
· Glossary 
   · Article I: Council Representatives 
o Section 1: Election 
o Section 2: Responsibilities 
o Section 3: Resignation or Removal 
· Article II: Council Meetings 
· Article III: The Executive Committee 
Section 1: Officers 
Section 2: Election 
o   Section 3: Resignation or Removal 
o   Section 4: Executive Committee Meetings 
·         Article IV: Faculty Council Committees 
o   Section 1: Sign-up Procedures 
o   Section 2: Standing Committees 
·         Article V: Faculty Council Ad Hoc Committees

  • Glossary

    Click here to view a glossary of terms contained in the Faculty Council Constitution.