Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DASR Executive Conference Room 118, East Mesa Campus


PRESENT: Andy Burke, Mónica Torres, Ike Ledesma, Kristi Martin, John Paulman, Mary Beth Worley, John Walker, Bernie Piña, Saundra Castillo, Tammy Powers, Jackie Kiefer, Lora Ross, Mozella Garcia, Luly Valencia-Glenn, Vickie Galindo, Claudia Hadley, Mack Adams, Lori Allen, Kathy Reddington, Ben Altamirano, Michael Banegas, Gladys Chairez, Gerri Martinez, Brad Mazdra, Becky Orduñez, Rosa DeLaTorre-Burmeister, Rosalina Contreras  and Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: Fred Lillibridge, Lydia Bagwell, Evelyn Hobbs, Fred Owensby, Nancy Ritter, and David Burleson


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10:08 a.m.



Andy thanked Mónica and company for doing last month’s meeting. Lots of things happening: Open Forum, DACC Advisory Board meeting, NMSU Regents meeting, golf tournament, distinguished alumni luncheon, press release meeting RE: HLC report, and the Lerdo Student Exchange.  Andy thanked those who participated in the golf tournament which was very successful – 29 teams, $8,000 raised, and 4 scholarships given. 

Informational Item

Andy noted this year’s Distinguished Alumni Luncheon recognized/honored five individuals who were nominated by divisions.  1) Susan Pinkerton, B&I, 2) Jose Alfredo Terrazas-Reyes, General Studies, 3) William Wingfield, Health, 4) Robert Joseph George, T&I, and 5) Leticia Herrera, GED.  Andy thanked those who nominated and participated.

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2 – Higher Learning Commission Accreditation – Andy

Andy noted during the Open Forum a little was said about the HLC Report.  There was a public request to review the HLC Report.  The NMSU Legal Office advised it was best to release the report including response from both HLC president and DACC.  Andy noted NMSU had previously scheduled a meeting with Las Cruces Sun News, Albuquerque Journal, and Las Cruces Bulletin.  It was decided to address the HLC Report at these meetings. The site visit, as we understood it, was to focus on Nursing.  The two criteria that the site team noted on their report 1) sufficient qualified faculty and regular evaluations and 2) collaborative leadership (shared governance and confusion with the relationship between DACC and NMSU).  As a history, Andy noted the Advisory Board was the taxing authority for the college.  The Board is made of two members from each school board – Hatch, Las Cruces, and Gadsden.  By law, an Operating Agreement is required.  Since the board members are elected, they have the taxing authority; yet, NMSU is our governing board.  Due to the loss of nursing accreditation, there were questions, at both the Regent and Board level, on communication.  As a result, a couple of items in the Operating Agreement were added.  An Operating Committee would be appointed with two members from the Regents and three members from our Board.  Another separate Budget Committee would be appointed and will be made up of three members of the Board.  This committee will be informed of the budget each spring prior to budget approval.  The Operating Agreement was approved by the Regents at their October 21 meeting.  The next step will be to get approval from each school board. Andy noted it was important that we are familiar with the findings in the HLC Report.  There are some serious concerns we need to address.  Next week he and Mónica have canceled their standing meetings so they, and others, can focus on our self-study.  Susan has done an excellent job.  Andy noted some members of this group may be called to provide information.  You are all welcomed to get online and view the self-study.  Mónica noted a draft would be ready end of November and will be sent to Drs. Howard and Derlin at NMSU.  In January the self-study will be finalized and sent to HLC in February.  Andy added there would be a period of time for everyone including the community to give comment.

Informational Item

1 – Approval of the October 2, 2013 Minutes – Andy

Bernie moved to approve the minutes of October 2, 2013.  John W. seconded the motion.  All were in favor, motion passed.

The October 2, 2013, minutes were approved.

3 – Transition Task Force Update – Andy

Andy noted three Task Forces were created to address three areas: #1 resource allocation and utilization (chaired by David Twitty); #2 curriculum development, evaluation, and delivery (chaired by Mónica); and #3 grant and contract funding opportunities (chaired by Dave Burleson).  Within the HLC document it was noted faculty and staff had a desire for the college to be more inclusive. Two of the three chairs will be presenting their reports to the Exec Team.  Mónica is working on their report.  Task Force #3 would like the college to be more organized. They also would like the college to have a matrix on the description of the college and it be in a centralized place and updated every year. Mónica noted her Task Force’s last meeting is tomorrow.  There are a number of people in this group on the Task Force.  They are focusing on: 1) pathways to certificates, degrees, and transfer, 2) support for online course offerings, 3) academic program review, and 4) ECHS/dual credit.  The group will come up with specific recommendations and some broad recommendations. The report is 90% done and will be submitted to Andy.  Andy noted the recommendations are intended to make changes and improve processes.  The two reports completed have meaningful recommendations.  Andy noted next month’s meeting would focus more on the budget process.

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4 – Early College High School / Dual Credit – Mónica

Mónica noted Andy is focusing on how we get ahead.  This will take time as it is complicated. There are five staff members working with LCPS on the ECHS II Health – Mónica, Brad, Evelyn, Sheila Fetherlin, and Joyce Bradley.  They have met to work on a framework – what factors enable us, what factors constraint us, how can we package, what can we offer.  The LCPS have used our catalog as their menu.  Mónica added Saundra was on the board at Rio Grande Prep.  She also noted a health/science charter school was starting in Santa Teresa which is a concern to GISD.  There has been a lot of communication with department chairs, program directors, and division deans.  We need to continue the framework, a practical framework to help ourselves.  All documents need to be looked at and we need to make sure they carry the same message, they are made public, and they are consistent.  Andy added the ECHS is a swell of activity and we need to look at what we need to do for all our students.  There are many more general academic degrees awarded and we need to move more resources into these programs. We have maintained enrollment in our technical programs but our completion is down. We need to maintain and build with LCPS and not customize at the whim of students.  Brad added we are tailoring for each student.  Andy noted in a perfect world we could.  We need to figure out ways to communicate and be on the same page.  We need to reorganize, retool, and reinvent.

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5 – Stars of Excellence – Andy

Andy noted the Stars of Excellence is becoming part of Spring Convocation.  He encouraged people to nominate.  Andy noted letters of support be included with the nomination form.  He would like to make it more inclusive and a meaningful recognition of our faculty and staff.

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6 – Institutional Effectiveness & Planning Office Move to East Mesa – Andy

Andy noted Fred and his staff would be moving to Ike’s former area in DAEM 206.  It’s important that IEPO and accreditation be with the core administration, academic, and student services areas.  Andy noted remodeling would be phased in over time at Central Campus and Fred’s old office area will be used to shuffle people. 

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7 - Announcements

Andy noted a few calendar items listed on the agenda:  Veteran’s Day Recognition on November 11, DACC Advisory Board meeting on November 21, Celebration of Student Excellence on December 4, and the White Elephant Exchange on December 18.  Mónica noted the December 2 Holiday Coffee. Andy asked about the location.  Mónica noted she would let everyone know.  Andy asked Mary Beth where the White Elephant Exchange would be held.  After a small discussion, Mary Beth noted she would put it to a vote.

Informational Item

Gladys asked for ECHS, please keep in mind if the student declares a major, they are not eligible for the Lottery Scholarship if they attend a two-year college after high school.  If they attend a four-year college, they will be eligible with two years held.

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Gladys noted letters to students regarding the Lottery Scholarship’s funding limitations would be sent out.  NMSU sent emails.  Approximately 500 DACC students would be affected.  Andy noted NMSU and all universities and colleges have been meeting with Legislators to address this issue.  NM Higher Ed Department has the authority to release funds or cut funds.  NMSU is being conservative and getting this message out.  Andy noted in the meetings he has attended, this is a political thing.  The Legislature would like to add more money.  The Governor, HED, and others do not want to add more money.  This puts our students in a bad situation.  Five hundred is a lot of students. Andy noted this was good to know as we don’t want the college to panic.

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Gerri noted that if high schools students do not pass the SBA test, they will not be admitted to DACC.  Letters to high school counselors will be sent.  Andy noted this was the test high school juniors take.  Andy asked Ike and Gerri to have a dialogue with NMSU about possible options for DACC.

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Brad noted he and Marty Brooks had a meeting with the NMSU Registrar’s Office regarding new software to help students/advisors with academic planning.  It will be rolled out in about a year. This should make advising more efficient and also engages the students.  John W. noted the college would be looking at Ad Astra to efficiently schedule classes and to also project classes needed.  A small discussion followed.

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Ike noted November 18 (at Central) and 19 (at Gadsden), Walgreen’s would be holding a free flu clinic. There will be 800 vouchers for students who are uninsured.  An email will be sent out.

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Lora noted they would be polling students regarding a separate commencement ceremony for GED graduates.  See would like to know what this group thinks.  Andy asked Irene to add to the next Exec Team meeting agenda.

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11:15 a.m.


Next Meeting

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 4, 2013, 10:00 a.m.