Wednesday, June 5, 2012

Administrative Conference Room, Central Campus


PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Margaret Lovelace, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, Kristi Martin, John Walker, Bernie Piña, Lydia Bagwell, Evelyn Hobbs, Tammy Powers, Jackie Kiefer, Bill Glenn, Fred Owensby, Mozella Garcia, Luly Valencia-Glenn, Vickie Galindo, Mack Adams, Lori Allen, Nancy Ritter, Ben Altamirano, Gladys Chairez, Gerri Martinez, Brad Mazdra, Becky Orduñez, Rosa DeLaTorre-Burmeister, Rosalina Contreras, Trudy Luken, Richard Derouen and Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: Fred Lillibridge, John Paulman, Mary Beth Worley, Sylvia Nickerson, Meg Haines, Susana Rodriguez, Kathy Reddington, Emilia O’Neil

GUESTS: Stan Ellis for Kathy Reddington, Rod Santos, Minerva Bustamante


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Meeting Start Time

10:10 a.m.


Dr. Huerta noted a good morning to the group. Ms. Ritter noted Ms. Joy Pugh, who replaced Ms. Connie Melendrez, was out tagging for inventory.  She introduced Ms. Minerva Bustamante, who replaced Ms. Elsa Henry.  Ms. Bustamante, from our own financial aid office, also has private sector experience.  Dr. Huerta welcomed Ms. Bustamante.  Mr. Burke asked that if anyone gets a chance, please stop by and say hello to Ms. Pugh.  Mr. Ledesma noted Ms. Luken is leaving after 17 years here at DACC.  She has taken a position with NMSU as their director of accessibility services.  Dr. Huerta thanked Ms. Luken.

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Dr. Huerta noted congratulations to Mr. Owensby. The statewide NM Small Business Development Center Network received accreditation.

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1 – Approval of the April 4, 2012, Minutes – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta entertained a motion to approve the minutes.  Dr. Walker motioned to approve the minutes of April 4, 2012.  Mr. Ledesma seconded the motion. All were favor, the motion carried.  Irene will post on the web.

The minutes of April 4, 2012, were approved.  Irene will post on the web.

2 – Honorary Degree Recipient Reception Update – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta noted the honorary degree recipient reception was held before commencement.  Dr. Huerta thanked Ms. Martin and Ms. Aberlina Bell on the great job of putting the reception together.  Mr. Larry Allen, owner of Allen Theaters, was the recipient.  Mr. Kent Evans, who brought up the idea for Mr. Allen to receive degree, passed away last week.  He was a former county commissioner and a strong supporter of DACC.  Dr. Huerta showed a few photos of the reception.  Mr. Allen was honored and many of his family and friends attended the reception.  Dr. Huerta noted it was important for the college to continue to honor a community member with a degree.

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3 – Commencement Follow Up – Mr. Ledesma

Mr. Ledesma noted about 700 students (1,300 were eligible) participated in the commencement ceremony. The college did something different this year due to the rain.  The students, who are usually loaded from the East tunnel, were loaded on the concourse on the South end.  Dr. Huerta noted Ms. Jordyn Haggard, Ms. Vicki Buckley’s daughter, sang the nation anthem.  It was beautiful.  Mr. Derouen asked if photos of the graduates could be used by faculty to inspire other students.  Mr. Ledesma noted that could be talked about.  Dr. Huerta noted she was worried when the ceremony was moved from Friday to Thursday.  We will need to get use to Thursday as Fridays are no longer available to DACC.  Dr. Huerta thanked Mr. Ledesma and Student Services for the great job on commencement.

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4 – Department of Education Update – Mr. Ledesma

Mr. Ledesma noted Ms. Chairez has been working with NMSU on several issues regarding the Department of Education (DOE) and its agreement with NMSU.  There are several programs that were not approved due to NMSU, who is responsible, not submitting the necessary information to the DOE.  There were errors and penalties may follow.  Ms. Chairez noted the college continues to wait on the report from DOE.  The actual audit was conducted in January and has been going on for one year.  We will get sanctions.  Dr. Huerta noted if the college does receive sanctions, it’s has not been the fault of DACC as we did everything we needed to do.  Ms. Chairez noted the audit opened everything up.  Last documentation from DOE was a month ago.  Mr. Ledesma added meetings with NMSU will happen to make sure our programs are submitted.  We also need to make sure that the minimum number of credits for our certificates is 16 credits.  Ms. Chairez noted there are some programs that are being looked at more closely.  This has been an entire clean-up process.  Dr. Huerta noted one of our efforts has been to be kept in the loop on all.  Mr. Ledesma thanked Ms. Chairez.  Dr. Huerta thanked both Mr. Ledesma and Ms. Chairez.

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5 – Swirling – Dr. Lovelace

Dr. Lovelace noted the term swirling has been around for 2-3 years.  Swirling students being enrolled at more than one campus for online courses.  NMSU is really concerned about losing enrollment to the community colleges.    Last Tuesday the first meeting was held.  Provost Wilkins announced to the group that swirling was going to stop.  Dr. Lovelace and the NMSU Deans were caught off guard.  There was exchange of comments, but Dr. Wilkins was unmoved.  Dr. Huerta noted an update she just received.  NMSU Las Cruces will disallow their students from enrolling in community college courses.  The only exceptions are if they cannot find a course at their campus or if the course is a developmental education course.  This is effective immediately.  Dr. Huerta would like the college to track activity.  Mr. Burke noted this was a discussion of the On-Line Committee.  The college needs to have a plan to look at course offerings and stay financially viable.  Dr. Huerta added that Mr. Burke chaired the On-Line Committee and their report was presented at the Summit.  NMSU Las Cruces hired a consultant group to talk to all campuses about on-line courses.  They spoke to the On-Line Committee and the CC Presidents.  They did not meet with DACC On-Line Task Force.  Mr. Burke noted the community colleges were represented on the On-Line Committee.  Dr. Huerta noted Irene would email the On-Line Committee Report to the group. Dr. Huerta noted a plan needed to be developed and added to the new Strategic Plan.  So much of the new Plan is Student Success and we need to recover students who leave DACC.  We have no plan to recover students and it is more important now.  Ms. Chairez added we needed to catch these students earlier.  We need more intervention as these students are being billed.  A discussion followed on early alerts, B&I model, and dual credit early alert.  Ms. Powers asked about the official word.  Dr. Huerta noted something in writing would come from President Couture.  We all need to be part of the solution and work together and get creative.  If you have things you are doing, please share.

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6 – Equipment – Mr. Burke

Mr. Burke noted the college was purchasing the equipment approved.  ITAC has a refresh plan for both classroom and office computer use.  About $180,000 was approved for classroom/lab computers to be replaced while about $60,000 was approved to replace office computers.  Mr. Burke noted something they are considering as a procedural change is the request from faculty and staff who want laptops instead of a desktop.  Please give him any feedback. They will do it on a case-by-case basis.  If there are any questions, please send them to Ms. Allen. Mr. Burke will send something out by the end of next week that this group can look at.  He added equipment funding is hard (different sources) and we are good the next few years.  We may become strained in the near future.

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Mr. Burke noted Carl Perkins funds will be used for the new programs at East Mesa.  There are also requests from Health and Technical Divisions.  Those requests given to the Exec Team.

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7 – Non-Exempt Staff Equity Adjustments – Mr. Burke

Mr. Burke noted there was good news for non-exempt staff but not for college financially.  NMSU would like to increase non-exempt staff salaries to 5% above minimum.  There are 75-80 employees at DACC who are eligible (effective July 1, 2012).  This was not formally announced.  This is a $100,000 impact on the college’s budget.  Ms. Chairez asked about the 2% increase in July.  Mr. Burke answered non-exempt staff will receive 2% if they have a satisfactory evaluation.  Exempt staff will be split: 1% all will receive and the other 1% will be based on performance.  The same thing for faculty where 1% will be based on faculty evaluation.  Dr. Glenn asked if insurance rates would go up.  Mr. Burke noted nothing had been sent out.

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8 – Community College Round Up – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta noted the next Community College Round Up would be hosted by DACC and will be held on October 5-6, 2012.  Dr. Walker along with the Faculty Affairs Committee will be putting the program together.  Dr. Huerta and Dr. Lovelace have split the cost to have Dr. Vince Tinto as the keynote speaker.  He was on the AACC 21st Century Commission who put together a report on reclaiming community colleges.  He also does a lot with completion and has a book called Completing College – Rethinking Institutional Action.  Everyone will be invited to attend.  Dr. Huerta noted to the group that Dr. John Roueche will be leaving UT Austin.  Dr. Walker noted he would start sending out information fairly soon.

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9 - Announcements

Dr. Lovelace noted B&I was successful in getting reaccredited. 

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Ms. Powers noted the transition to Canvass: 175 faculty certified.  There has been training for both faculty and students.  Full certification training will be held June 28-29 here at East Mesa.  Training is two hours for those with previous Blackboard training.  For those with no previous training, training is two days.  Mr. Derouen recommends the two day training.  Dr. Huerta asked Ms. Powers to possibly do a short training for both Admin Council and ALT.

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Ms. Martinez noted Saturday, June 9, the 4th Annual Lizette Martinez Golf Tournament would be held at NMSU Golf Course.  Proceeds will go to the endowment that provides two scholarships alternated between NMSU and DACC.  She also has raffle tickets for $1.00 a ticket or $5.00 for six tickets.

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Meeting End Time

11:27 a.m.


Next Meeting

Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 10:00 a.m., ACR