Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Administrative Conference Room


PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Margaret Lovelace, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma,  Fred Lillibridge, John Walker, Bernie Piña, Lydia Bagwell, Evelyn Hobbs, Sylvia Nickerson, Tammy Powers,  Bill Glenn, Meg Haines, Susana Rodriguez, Mozella Garcia, Luly Valencia-Glenn, Mack Adams, Lori Allen, Kathy Reddington, Nancy Ritter, Ben Altamirano, Gladys Chairez, Gerri Martinez, Brad Mazdra, Rosa DeLaTorre-Burmeister, Rosalina Contreras, and Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: John Paulman, Ken Tellez, Matt Byrnes, Fred Owensby, Becky Orduñez, Emilia O’Neil, Trudy Luken, and Richard Derouen

GUESTS: Vicki Gonzales for Becky Orduñez, Anthony Gordon for Richard Derouen


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Meeting Start Time

10:12 a.m.


Dr. Huerta noted a good morning to everyone.  The semester is off to a good start.  Good to see everyone.

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Dr. Huerta noted Mr. Anthony Gordon who is attending for Mr. Derouen.  Mr. Gordon is the incoming President for Faculty Council.  This meeting conflicts with Mr. Derouen’s class. Dr. Huerta also welcomed Mr. Mack Adams.  This is his first meeting with us.  Dr. Huerta noted she was happy to have Mr. Adams back at DACC.  Ms. Vicki Gonzales is attending for Ms. Orduñez.

Informational Item

Dr. Huerta noted B&I are the volleyball champs again.  Facilities Support II (Security) came in second.   Congratulations!  Mr. Ledesma noted there were eight teams.  Dr. Huerta added the students want to participate.  Dr. Huerta thanked everyone who did participate.  Mr. Altamirano and his band were awesome.  He invited the NMSU Dance Department to be there.  Next year we plan to have more dance space.  Dr. Huerta thanked Ms. Reddington and her staff for all their hard work.  Dr. Huerta also thanked the group for making this a great welcome back event.  Ms. Reddington noted the volleyball and net can be checked out with facilities support.

The volleyball and the net can be checked out with facilities support.

1 – Approval of the July 13, 2011, Minutes – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta entertained a motion to approve the minutes.  Ms. Hobbs motioned to approve the minutes of July 13, 2011.  Ms. Haines seconded the motion.  All were favor, the motion carried.  Irene will post the minutes on the web.

The July 13, 2011, minutes were approved.  Irene will post on the web.

2 – Legislative Finance Committee Program Evaluation Follow Up – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta noted the Legislative Finance Committee was on campus conducting a program evaluation of DACC on August 25-26.  We also reserved September 1-2 for a staff member to return and attend the DACC Advisory Board meeting.   The site visitor could not make it back.  The LFC did meet with a couple of board members, several staff members, and the Exec Team.  They met with the Exec Team at the conclusion of their visit.  There were no red flags noted to the Exec Team.  Thank you for accommodating your calendars, especially those who were called at the last minute.  Dr. Huerta noted she was not privy to any questions that were asked.  Their letter noting their intention to visit noted they would be looking at governance, dual credit, and developmental education.  Dr. Huerta noted they also met with a small group of students and faculty.  The LFC will plan to circulate a survey to faculty, staff, and students.  She is working with Ms. Allen about options to get valid responses and to get one response from one person.  We would like the survey to be verifiable.  Dr. Huerta asked everyone to take the time to fill out survey.  She will send out information as soon as we get from LFC.  Dr. Lillibridge added the turnaround will be very quick.  Dr. Huerta thanked everyone again for their participation.  Next steps include gathering information and providing a tentative report to the Exec Team.  The Exec Team will be able to provide feedback at that point.  The LFC plans on finishing their report at the end of October, early November.  The LFC, since visiting DACC and CNM, will get a picture/taste of community colleges in the State and the processes within the system.  Dr. Huerta noted the final report will be presented to the Legislative Finance Committee at their December meeting.  The December Admin Council meeting will be moved to November 30; Dr. Huerta will attend the LFC December meeting.  We will keep the group posted.  Dr. Huerta noted the college would be hiring a consulting group to do an economic impact survey for DACC.  This survey will part of the DACC story; an important part.

LFC will be conducting a survey of faculty, staff, and students.  Information will be sent as soon as possible.

3 – Formula Funding Update – Mr. Burke

Dr. Huerta noted Mr. Burke has been very busy driving back and forth as he is very involved with the formula funding task force.  He’s our voice; the best voice.  The special session started yesterday.  Mr. Burke noted the State has always had a Formula Funding Task Force which has grown over the years.  He has been part of the task force for as long as he can remember.  Since the group is very large, the Exec Director of LFC formed a straw man group of about eight people.  The Straw man Group has been meeting every Tuesday for the last couple of months.  They met yesterday.  The formula funding will get rolled out next week.  Mr. Burke noted one of the nice adjustments has been for utilities.  The utility rate has been a fixed rate and that rate was set 20 years ago.  You only got a certain amount of money; lot of disparity.  Some institutions were underfunded, others more whole.  If this passes, the overall pot for the adjustment is $3.7 million which will give DACC approximately $300,000.  This is one of the recommendations.  Mr. Burke noted another major adjustment would be for the student credit hour (SCH) grid.  The credit hours would be for completion of the course instead of the registration.  This will exclude “W”s and include “F”s.  Ninety percent of our students complete the course other than with a “W”.  Also excluded will be audits for PE courses which do not affect us.  There are still questions with the audits.  Mr. Burke noted another change would be dollar amounts for tiers with the different degrees.  There is not a good validation for certificates (less than one year).  Dr. Huerta noted certificates are valid especially for two year colleges.  Mr. Burke noted that certificates that are Title IV financial aid eligible will have to be included.  Mr. Burke provided an example:  One Year Tier 1 would be $14,000 and One Year Tier 3 would be $30,000.  The highest would be Ph.D. Tier 3 which would be $170,000.  This is done in the same way as SCH.  Mr. Burke noted that when all the data is looked at it amounts to $10 million.  The associate degree will hold for sure but the certificates are being scrutinized for Title IV.  Ms. Chairez asked if this was coming from other states.  Dr. Huerta answered yes.  Mr. Burke added there are not enough graduates so there is a movement. Two to three states have successfully implemented this with new money.  There is a lot of work in a lot of states.  Texas has worked on it but has not implemented it.  Tennessee has implemented it.  There is a national trend to hold higher education accountable.  Mr. Burke noted there were two other pieces of the formula that HED initiated:  achievement gap (to encourage serving the most in need) and awarding institutions who are producing graduates in workforce ready degrees needed within the State.  A discussion followed.  Mr. Burke noted another issue being looked at is the tuition credit given.  Dr. Huerta noted the Legislature won’t support “0” credit for tuition.  Mr. Burke noted the State has used the credit for tuition revenue to balance the budget.  Dr. Piña asked when we can find out what is decided.  Mr. Burke answered the final recommendation will not be announced until after the Legislative session over.  Dr. Huerta thanked Mr. Burke.  She also noted that we should focus on the mission of each institution and fund their mission.  Everyone is fighting for year one and year two.  We should look at year one and year two for community colleges and year three and year four for four year/research colleges.

HED’s recommendation for the formula funding will be sent to all institutions for discussion in the next week or so.

4 – Human Resources/Human Relations Updates - Dr. Huerta/Mr. Adams

Dr. Huerta noted there was a lot of work she does with HR.  Mr. Adams thanked everyone for the warm welcome.  He asked everyone to be patient as he re-establishes himself.  He noted he meets with Dr. Huerta weekly.  Mr. Adams noted he would like to look at NMSU policy 5.15.40 under faculty policies – Exempt Employees Hired as Part-Time Faculty.  A handout of the policy was provided.  The first sentence contradicts the second sentence.  He has sent a note to main campus on how they handle.  Dr. Huerta noted the reason this has come up is because she sees the requests for employees to teach two classes during the day.  She is asking who is doing their job during this time.  Dr. Huerta wants to encourage employees to teach and to take classes, but should employee be doing this between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  Some employees even doing this during their lunch hour.  While she supports this happening, it’s happening too much during the day.  Is this employee double dipping?  This is a real question and a real concern.  Mr. Adams asked main campus if employees were doing flex scheduling.  Dr. Lovelace noted this was part of the problem.  Some people required making up time and some aren’t.  Mr. Adams asked if this was for non-exempt.  Dr. Huerta answered yes, this was for non-exempt.  Dr. Lillibridge noted he was sent a schedule already worked on by department chair and employee.  He was put in a tough situation.  Dr. Huerta noted he could disapprove.  We need to make sure, as supervisors, that we are staffed.  That employee should have come to you early in the process and discussed.  You are the supervisor and this takes away from their work; you can disapprove.  Ms. Nickerson noted why policy can’t require plan for makeup.  Dr. Huerta noted this is why we are looking at this.  Mr. Adams noted each department can develop and make room for flexibility.  Dr. Huerta noted she wanted consistency.  If one department doing, all departments need to do.  Dr. Huerta noted we would look at how Las Cruces and other colleges do it and we will come up with something and bring to this group.  Mr. Ledesma noted we have something for those taking a course; we should do one for those who want to teach.  A discussion followed. Dr. Huerta noted we need to be consistent and we want to comply with policy.  Please give feedback to Mr. Adams in the next two weeks. Ms. Haines noted she thinks it’s inappropriate but her interpretation of the policy was that it was written that way for exceptions.  Dr. Lovelace noted memos requesting over 1.5 FTE are being denied.

Please provide Mr. Adams feedback.

Mr. Adams noted he would like to provide more employee training and professional development.  He also noted Ms. Haines and her staff do a fantastic job.  He will be collaborating with NMSU and Ms. Haines. If you know of any topics, please let him know.  Ms. Contreras noted she had attended the customer service training.  She noted Ms. Haines’ group does a superb job.  Dr. Huerta noted Mr. Adams has provided training to DACC in the past and she would like him to do more.  We need to be more effective and manage better.  This is really important and not a one shot approach.  This group meets 10-12 times a year.  We should devote one or one ½ hour to training.  We could select early fall for one training and another at the January or February meeting.  Dr. Huerta noted this group was seasoned, even as leaders, but we can improve.  Mr. Gordon noted the exempt staff teaching part-time is a worthy topic for the Faculty Ethics Committee.  Why is this happening? Can we change perspectives?  Can we change requests?  Dr. Huerta noted that if other groups would like training, we could put something together.  HR is also Human Relations.  Mr. Adams noted the other new Admin Council member, Dr. O’Neil, is also talking about collaborating.  Dr. Huerta asked the group to email ideas to Mr. Adams.  There was a small discussion on the over 1.5 FTE requests being denied.

Please provide Mr. Adams with any ideas/suggestions on training in the next two weeks.


Mr. Adams noted he was working on search committee orientations.  He is reviewing what we are doing, looking at procedures, and he will redefine the orientation.  More emphasis on EEO will be the change.  There will also be a registration site so that we can keep track of who has attended. Mr. Adams provided a handout of timelines for hiring.  This is only an example and can be changed.  Dr. Huerta noted that in terms of the process, we do have a process and it can be modified.  The handout is to give the group an idea of how it can be done.  She would like it tailored to each specific position and given to the committee members.  Dr. Garcia asked if the process checked for diversity.  Mr. Adams noted that if a position is underutilized, NMSU will notify the college.  As he noted, he is still getting reestablished.  Dr. Huerta also noted that recommendations for committee members that come to her office for approval are checked for diversity.  She noted that when she served on the Provost search committee, the committee did get training from EEO and diversity was talked about.  Dr. Huerta also noted that President Couture asked all her direct reports to add a goal on diversity.  Mr. Adams noted the college did not want to slow the process down or hold up the committee.  If you would like to share any ideas or input with HR, please let him know.  Dr. Glenn asked if we can get NMSU to respond quicker.  Mr. Adams noted he was working on building a strong relationship with NMSU but noted some things were out of our control.  Dr. Huerta noted the college was on top of things and she does meet with Mr. Adams frequently.  They work to get things done.  Dr. Glenn noted getting full-time employees hired is not a problem but getting part-time faculty hired is a problem.  Mr. Adams noted NMSU was working on a way to expedite the part-time faculty hiring process.  They are trying to improve the process.  A small discussion followed. 

Please share your ideas/input with Mr. Adams.

5 - Announcements

Dr. Garcia noted on September 16 during Professional Development Day the SSC will be open.  Dr. Walker reminded the group that September 16 courses have been canceled due to Professional Development Day.  All full-time and part-time faculty have been invited.  If you have not done so, please RSVP to his office.

Please RSVP to Dr. Walker’s Office.

Mr. Burke noted DACC’s FTE enrolment is up 3%.  A small discussion followed.  Dr. Huerta congratulated everyone especially those in Student Services.

Informational Item

Dr. Huerta noted Saturday, October 29 will be the Distinguished Alumni Luncheon Celebration.  If you know any outstanding alumni, please let us know.

Informational Item

Dr. Huerta noted a few calendar items:

·       DACC Golf Tournament and Celebrity Dance will be on Friday, October 14, 2011

·       Community College Round Up will be on September 30 and October 1 at NMSU Grants

·       HLC Site Visit for Aerospace Technology will be on September 19-20, 2011.  Dr. Lillibridge noted this was another opportunity for DACC to prove we do a good job.  Dr. Huerta asked all to be aware and be ready.  Mr. Burke asked if program had been approved for financial aid.  Dr. Lillibridge answered yes it had – certificate and associate degree.

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Meeting End Time

11:58 a.m.


Next Meeting

Wednesday, October 5, 2011, 10:00 a.m., ACR