Friday, February 1, 2008

10:00 a.m., ACR


PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Anna Chieffo, Ike Ledesma, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, David Pearse, Jerry Welch, Bill Glenn, J.B. Carrica, Susan Roberts, John Paulman, Kelly Brooks, Doris Gleason, Kathy Reddington, Ben Altamirano, Brad Mazdra, Ken Tellez, Lori Allen, Andy Burke, Lydia Bagwell, Sylvia Nickerson, Fred Owensby, Susana Rodriguez, Larry Sharp, Becky Orduñez, John Walker, Robin Roberts, Meg Haines, Mozella Garcia and Vicki Haggard (recorder)

ABSENT: Molly Morris, Gladys Chairez, and David Twitty

GUESTS: Steve Vierck and Oscar Quintela for Molly Morris


Agenda Item



Meeting Start Time

10:02 a.m.

Dr. Huerta opened the meeting by welcoming the group.  Dr. Huerta introduced Mr. Steve Vierck, President and CEO of Mesilla Valley Economic Development Alliance (MVEDA).


Informational Item

1.  Mesilla Valley Economic Development Alliance Workforce Survey – Mr. Steve Vierck

Mr. Vierck provided the group a handout of the REI (Regional Education Initiative) Employer Survey Briefing.  Mr. Vierck discussed, in detail, the results of the survey which are reflected in the handout (improvements, gaps, and candid comments).  Mr. Vierck also highlighted some areas of particular interest to the group.  Mr. Vierck mentioned that he appreciates the responsiveness and interest shown in economic development from DACC.  


Dr. Huerta asked Dr. Chieffo and Dr. Walker to follow-up/work with their areas regarding this very useful information.  Dr. Huerta encouraged the entire group to read, in its entirety, the survey briefing.


Ken Tellez is scheduled to present co-op survey results at a future Administrative Council Meeting.

Informational Item – Handout provided.

2.  Performance Appraisals (Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff) – Ms. Doris Gleason

Ms. Doris Gleason discussed with the group performance appraisals for exempt & non-exempt staff.  Ms. Gleason provided individual packets to each member of the group which contained the following:

  • Copies of evaluations from last year;
  • a letter with detailed instructions for completing evaluations this year; and
  • a list of employees that supervisor is to evaluate this year.

Discussion was held regarding procedures and reminders for completing evaluations this year.  The following was discussed:

  • The person filling out the evaluation must meet with the reviewer before meeting with the employee.
  • Supervisor is responsible for providing a signed copy of the performance evaluation to the employee within 10 days of evaluation.
  • Ms. Gleason provided copies of the evaluation forms to the group; however, NMSU has since changed the form, so Ms. Gleason will send the new forms to the group via groupwise.
  • All regular exempt & non-exempt employees are to be evaluated whether they are full- or part-time.
  • If you received a copy of last year’s evaluation for an employee who is no longer in your area, you are not required to evaluate them.
  • If there is an employee who has recently moved to your area, you will need to evaluate them.
  • If you have an employee who has recently completed their probationary period, the end of probation evaluation may be used as their annual evaluation this year.
  • Evaluations are not required for temporary employees.
  • A Conflict of Interest Form (new employees) or a Supplemental Form (continuing employees) must be submitted for each employee annually.
  • Any employee who does not agree with their evaluation does have the right to rebut the evaluation.  Rebuttals may be sent directly to the DACC HR office.
  • Grievances are only done when an employee receives an overall rating of ‘Unsatisfactory’.
  • If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Ms. Gleason and she would be glad to help.
  • Completed evaluations are due to Doris Gleason by Friday, 3/14/08.

Informational Item


Completed Exempt & Non-Exempt Staff Evaluations are due to Doris Gleason by Friday, 3/14/08.

3.  2008-2009 Budget Requests – Due 2/1/08 – Mr. Andy Burke


Mr. Andy Burke reminded the group that the 2008-09 Budget Requests are due by the end of today, 2/1/08.  Please submit a hard copy to Mr. Burke – only after the immediate supervisor of your area has signed off.  Please use the forms provided by the CFO office.  Dr. Huerta reminded the group that PRIPs should be referenced in the budget requests.  Division priorities should match department requests.   After receiving the budget requests, the CFO office plugs budget request figures into an overall summary.  Mr. Burke would like to provide the group with this summary sheet before the 2/14/08 Budget Hearings.  Dr. Huerta invited the entire Administrative Council group to attend the Budget Hearings on 2/14, but not everyone is required to attend.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the either Ms. Kelly Brooks or Mr. Andy Burke

Informational Item


2008-09 Budget Requests due to CFO office by 2/1/08.


Budget Hearings on 2/14/08.

4.  Grants Update – Dr. Anna Chieffo and Dr. John Walker

Dr. Anna Chieffo and Dr. John Walker provided updates on the different grants at DACC:

  • Mesquite Neighborhood Learning Center

*Received $100,000 for the Las Cruces Center

*Received $100,000 start-up funds for a center in Anthony

*Funds must be expended by June 2008

*Collaborative effort with MNLC, ABE and Workforce

  • Gear Up

*Approximately $35K grant focusing on retention in high school and encouraging students to attend college.  There will be no cost to the student or family. 

*This program will serve New Mexico students starting the 9th grade and will follow one cohort.

*DACC will host one of the Summer Camps for a week in June for approximately 60 students.

*The proposal lists 3 paths: Health Careers, Manufacturing/Aerospace Technology, and Creative Media Technology/Film.  The students will attend a Math workshop in the morning and then choose one of the three career paths for the afternoon workshop.

Dr. Huerta reminded the group that this is a good opportunity for DACC to reach younger students and introduce them in a positive way to the possibilities of attending post-secondary education.

·         Achieving the Dream (AtD)

*A group will attend the Strategy Institute, Feb 5-8, 2008 in Atlanta, GA.  The group will be presenting on the evaluation plan created by the DACC Institutional Effectiveness & Planning Office.

*Goal is to test all 10th grade students in the three local school districts with the COMPASS test.

Informational Item

5.  Announcements / Other

Dr. Huerta announced the following to the group:

  • Border Learning Conference – Collaborative conference with EPCC which will be held on 2/21 & 2/22 at the Hotel Encanto in Las Cruces, NM.  Dr. Huerta encouraged increased participation from DACC faculty, staff & students.  This year conference attendees will be coming from El Paso, Tucson, Las Cruces, and other areas throughout New Mexico.  Mr. Ike Ledesma and Dr. Mozella Garcia will work together with Dr. Huerta to get student attendees.  
  • Nice press releases for different DACC activities (Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce event, Las Cruces Sun News Readers Choice Award, etc.) have come out in the Las Cruces Sun News.
  • CEO, CAO, CSSO, and credit deans visited Chaparral, Gadsden and Santa Theresa High Schools to visit with students, parents and teachers.  The dual credit program with GISD continues to grow.  The meetings were held to encourage more parent involvement in the dual credit program.
  • State law requires that by the year 2010 all high school students take one of the following types of courses before they graduate: advanced placement (AP)/college prep course, online course, or dual credit course.
  • Deming invited DACC to meet regarding a continued partnership between the two.  The Deming City and County Managers were invited, but only the City Manager attended.  DACC currently has a presence in Deming at the Mimbres Learning Center and the Deming community is interested in increasing the DACC presence.  Western New Mexico University (WNMU) and DACC share the geographical area of responsibility (GAR) in Deming; currently WNMU offers academic courses and DACC offers workforce development courses. 
  • Dr. Huerta recited, from memory, the DACC Mission Statement.


Mr. Ike Ledesma provided the group with a handout from Denise Esquibel, NMSU Assistant Registrar, containing advising and registration dates for the Summer and Fall 2008 semesters.  Mr. Ledesma reminded the group that division advising begins approximately 2 weeks before the semester begins.


Mr. Andy Burke gave the group a facilities update: Workforce Development Center renovations, the Trades Building renovations and EMC Phase 5.


Dr. John Walker reminded the group to complete their 07-08 Carl Perkins purchases as soon as possible.  The 2008-09 Carl Perkins grant proposal is due in March 2008.


Mr. Jerry Welch shared with the group that there has been $325K ear-marked for Manufacturing/Aerospace Technology programs.  These open funds should be available July 1, 2008.


Dr. Anna Chieffo announced that there would be a room scheduling meeting held immediately following the Admin. Council meeting today, 2/1/08 from 12:00-2:00 p.m. in the TRC – DACL 272.


Dr. Fred Lillibridge provided the group with an HLC Self-Study update.  Final comments on the self-study are due to Susan Wood by 2/7/08.  The self-study will be mailed out the week of 2/18/08.  The NMSU Board of Regents met on 1/28/08 and approved the DACC self-study report.  The final self-study report will be given to the DACC Advisory Board at the March 6, 2008 meeting.

Informational Items

Next Meeting

Friday, March 7, 2008, 10:00 a.m., ACR


Meeting End Time

11:28 a.m.