Friday, February 2, 2007

10:00 a.m., ACR


PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Anna Chieffo, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, John Walker, Lydia Bagwell, David Pearse, Sylvia Nickerson, Bill Glenn, J.B. Carrica, Susan Roberts, Fred Owensby, Fred Lillibridge, John Paulman, Lori Allen, Kelly Brooks, Doris Gleason, Kathy Reddington, Ben Altamirano, Gladys Chairez, Brad Mazdra, Larry Sharp, Tim Chappell, Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Jerry Welch, Molly Morris, Rosa Lopez, Susana Rodriguez

GUESTS: Bernie Piña for Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Terry Mount for Jerry Welch, Tammy Welch for Molly Morris


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Meeting Start Time

10:05 a.m.


Dr. Huerta welcomed everyone.  Also, a welcome to those who are here for the first time: Ms. Terry Mount for Mr. Welch; Ms. Tammy Welch for Ms. Morris; and Dr. Bernie Piña for Ms. Aguilera-Goerner.



Informational Item

1 – Approval of the Minutes of January 12, 2007 – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta asked for a motion to approve the January 12, 2007, minutes.  Mr. Ledesma moved to approve the minutes of January 12.  Mr. Walker seconded the motion.  All were in favor, motion passed.

The January 12, 2007, minutes were approved.

2 – Performance Management Training – Dr. Huerta & Ms. Gleason

Dr. Huerta noted there was information to share on performance evaluations and training required.  Ms. Gleason noted she was in contact with main campus and they are moving toward aligning performance management with broad banding.  The evaluation forms may or may not change.  Ms. Gleason is working on getting training here at DACC instead of employees going to Corbett Center.  Dr. Huerta noted the training is three hours and she would like the training provided at the March 2 Administration Council meeting from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon.  Irene will send out an e-mail to the group on the training.  Ms. Mount asked if department chairs and program directors be invited.  Dr. Huerta noted yes, we can invite them.  Ms. Nickerson asked if training would be done before evaluations.  Ms. Gleason answered yes, this is the plan.  Mr. Paulman asked when the evaluations were due.  Ms. Gleason noted possibly mid april.  Dr. Huerta added the community college would follow procedures where there is no conference with the employee until the evaluation is reviewed by reviewer.  We will get out information as soon as possible.  Dr. Huerta asked Mr. Altamirano to find us a larger room for the training.  Dr. Carrica asked for an explanation of how raises are related to the evaluation.  Ms. Gleason noted it had not been shared.  Mr. Burke added we were just going with the flow and if we don’t like something, we can step in.  The notion and idea are good.  The training will give us opportunity to find out more and ask questions.


Dr. Huerta suggested the final budget recommendations meeting originally scheduled for March 2 be held on March 9.  Mr. Burke agreed.  Irene will send out e-mail confirming change.  Ms. Mount asked if we could ghost classes.  Mr. Burke would prefer we did not ghost classes.  Dr. Chieffo, based on past experience, would also prefer no ghosting.

Irene will send out e-mail to group on the performance management and evaluation training on March 2, 2007, 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon.  Evaluation will be reviewed by reviewer prior to conference with employee.

















Irene will send out e-mail to group on March 9, 2007, 9:00 a.m. final budget recommendation meeting.

3 – Freshman Year Experience – Dr. Huerta & Mr. Ledesma

Dr. Huerta noted she and Mr. Ledesma have been talking about a shift in focus in student services.  One focus is for students to declare a major when they are admitted.  Mr. Ledesma will work on starting a “Freshman Year Experience” where we may want to consider how to coordinate, who to target.  Elements we want to incorporate include:


-- Curriculum: developmental, college success, and distance learning

-- Advising: comprehensive orientation, professional advising, peer advising (get more successful students involved)

-- Mentoring:  faculty, staff, peers

-- Academic Support:  tutoring, technical support (labs, library), training for faculty (how to provide academic support)

-- Counseling:  career, academic, personal

-- Seminars:  alcohol and drug abuse, cultural, educational psychology (emotional development, base line theory), ethics, life skills

-- Case Management: oversight of all activities, personal contact (another connection), feedback (from students about services), referrals (help student with process)

-- Research: peer institutions, academic research, training (keep student motivated)

-- Evaluation:  activities, grades, persistence, graduation


Dr. Huerta added the college needed to look at the students we are losing, especially first time, full time students.  Mr. Ledesma along with Mr. Mazdra and the department chairs and program directors will be involved.  Dr. Huerta noted students who declare a major are more likely to complete studies.  Ms. Chairez added that many students end up not making academic progress and not meeting the lottery scholarship requirement.  Of the 240 students evaluated, only 11 were eligible for the Academic Competitive Grant which is a federal grant.  Mr. Piña noted the initiative would cost money.  Mr. Ledesma noted a committee would be formed to look at what we can and can’t do.  A lot of people will need to be involved.  Dr. Huerta noted this go around, the college would not be submitting a Title V grant.  Next year, based on strategic plans, we could possibly apply and be funded by Title V.  Mr. Owensby noted historically, SBDC has been detached, but they would love to get involved.  SBDC would be happy to be guest speakers in classes.  Mr. Chappell added that it could be more formalized if it goes to Faculty Council.  Ms. Nickerson noted she and Ms. Rodriguez have met with Mr. Ledesma and feel ABE fits perfectly with this idea.  Mr. Ledesma noted he would include everyone.  Dr. Huerta added reporting impacts us and student success is very important


Dr. Huerta noted she met with Dr. Lillibridge on the recommended strategic priorities.  Dr. Lillibridge noted the 08-12 strategic priorities were: 1) graduate more students (credit and ABE); 2) culture of evidence (for budgets, standardize); 3) communication (internal and external, focus on web, communication with part time faculty); 4) partnerships (all kinds, k-12, four year, industry, business); 5) facilities (related to growth); and 6) technology (are we able to keep up). 


Dr. Chieffo concurred with waiting a year, piloting through AtD, and then the writing of the Title V proposal should begin December 2007 with submission March 2008.  This will give us time to research, visit places.  Ms. Nickerson asked who she could meet with regarding ideas to transition ABE students to college.  Mr. Ledesma noted it would be him and to please submit ideas.  Dr. Huerta noted she would form task forces for each strategic priority and have them submit reports.  Dr. Lillibridge noted the strategic plan was due in December.

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4 – Facilities Update – Mr. Burke

Mr. Burke noted progress had been made on the Workforce Center.  The bids were opened this week.  It’s a $4 million budget, $3 million construction bid, and it has three alternatives (new, ole, renovation).  We were able to get all within budget.  Ray Ward & Sons were awarded the bid.  They have worked with Rem Alley (architect) before and there is a good connection.  The contract will be established in the next few weeks.  Pre-construction meetings are scheduled of the end of next month.  Ms. Reddington is the point person.  We do not anticipate any problems.  Ms. Reddington added we need to work on getting everything out of the back area.


Mr. Burke noted he was working with Gary Williams on the East Mesa Center design.  The bids will be sent out with alternatives.  There is the potential that we may not get all we want in the $10.5 million project.  The bids will go out this summer.


On this location, room 80 and 82 will be worked on for the Dental Hygiene Program.  Work will start at the end of the semester.  Room 78 will become an operating clinic.  The biggest need for the Dental Hygiene Program is classroom space.  There will be a temporary disruption.  The clinic will be done at the end of the year and be ready for Spring 2008. 


Dr. Huerta added there will be plans to meet with folks in Hatch and possibly Chaparral.  Mr. Burke noted we were looking at BLM land next to the high school in Chaparral. We would utilize the high school for dual credit.  Hatch is little different.  We will either work with private citizens or the school district depending on where we decide.  We may end up undersized.  We are working on getting architects for Hatch, Chaparral, and Phase II of Gadsden.  Mr. Owensby asked that SBDC be given times when classes are not meeting here at the Las Cruces campus.  The Workforce Center construction is expected to last nine months and he would like alternative class space to hold classes, training, etc. Mr. Burke noted operations would not be shut down.  This will be addressed at the pre-construction meeting.  The work will be done in three pieces.  Dr. Glenn noted the problem in his area would be front office space and staff being displaced.  Dr. Huerta asked everyone to bear with us and that there would be sacrifices and inconveniencies.  Dr. Huerta reminded everyone budget requests are due today to Mr. Burke through appropriate officer.

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Budget requests are due TODAY to Mr. Burke through appropriate officer.

5 – New Mexico Higher Education Department Task Forces – Dr. Chieffo

Dr. Chieffo noted work has been going on at the New Mexico Higher Education Department.  There is a HED/PED Alignment Task Force to look at college entrance exams and high school exit exams.  The cut off scores in math, English, and reading will need to be the same.  DACC representatives on behalf of NMACC on this Task Force include: Dr. Bernie Piña, Mr. Gregg Hammond, Mr. Brad Mazdra, and Dr. Fred Lillibridge or Ms. Mary Beth Worley.  Please visit HED’s web site for the list of other (7 or 8) task forces.  The Articulation Task Force is looking at the general education common core courses.  Dr. Huerta noted we also were involved in dual credit.  Dr. Chieffo added there was a subcommittee of alignment changes to dual credit.

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6 – Announcements / Other

Dr. Huerta noted the Las Cruces Sun News had called yesterday regarding the Nursing Program.  Dr. Huerta referred them to Mr. Pearse and Dr. Whitaker.  Good things have happened like the monitoring reports have been lifted.  We have also been working with NMSU’s College of Nursing.  One of the students interviewed the last time who gave an unfavorable review, was interviewed again and this time had good things to say about the program.


Dr. Huerta reminded everyone to work on the five faculty positions, the ACAO, the Division Dean for Continuing Education, and the TRC Coordinator positions.  Those should be posted ASAP.  Everyone will be involved with screening committees or strategic plan task forces.


Mr. Ledesma noted a few events:

March 28 – Career Fair

March 29 – Academic Scholars Reception

May 11 – Commencement, 7:00 p.m., Pan Am Center (volunteers will be needed)


Mr. Chappell noted there would be another election for president-elect.  Ms. Kristina Gordon resigned.


Dr. Huerta reminded everyone to attend:

Border Learning Conference (next year here in Las Cruces)

NM HEAR Conference (Dr. Lillibridge noted close to 400 had registered)

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Next Meeting

Friday, March 2, 2007, 9:00 a.m., Room 96

Performance Management & Evaluation Training

Friday, March 9, 2007, 9:00 a.m., ACR

Final Budget Recommendations Meeting


Meeting End Time

11:45 a.m.