Friday, August 5, 2005
10:00 a.m., White Sands Center

PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Anna Chieffo, Andy Burke, Bernadette Montoya, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, John Walker, Jerry Welch, Carolyn VanderGiesen, J.B. Carrica, Susan Roberts, Fred Lillibridge, Erlinda Portillo, Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: Mary Sletten, Molly Morris, Sylvia Nickerson, Anna Dyson, Susan Wood, John Paulman

GUESTS: Susana Rodriguez for Sylvia Nickerson

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Meeting Start Time 10:16 a.m.

Dr. Huerta welcomed everyone to the meeting and to this beautiful facility. If you get the chance, please take a look around. Dr. Huerta welcomed Ms. Rodriguez who is attending for Ms. Nickerson.
1 - Approval of June 3, 2005 minutes - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta asked everyone to look over the June 3 minutes and let Irene know of any changes. Irene will make the changes and will post on our web page. Please share these minutes with your staff/areas. Please let Irene know changes to minutes. Irene will make changes & post on web page. Please share these minutes with your staff/areas.
2 - Update on US Department of Labor Grant - Ms. VanderGiesen Dr. Huerta asked Ms. VanderGiesen to update the group on the US Department of Labor Grant her unit is applying for. Dr. Huerta noted Ms. VanderGiesen had presented it to the Executive Team.

Ms. VanderGiesen referred to the Power Point handout. The grant was created with public schools and businesses in mind. The grant will fund 75 projects at a total of $125 million and is due July 6. We have asked for $2 million over three years and we will know sometime in September. Our partners will include WIA Board, State DOL, State Workforce Office, K-12 public school systems, business, industry, and organizations. The students will have to meet WIA criteria and will benefit both credit and non-credit community college students. The three areas we will concentrate on are 1) health care, 2) manufacturing, and 3) construction. The training will include support for long-term careers, students will receive credit or credentials, and an indication of level of mastery and competence. This may lead to degree. The training will be customized and short-term courses. Partnerships for the grant have already been established and include the public schools, hospitals, and MVEDA. The grant will include monies for five new positions including project coordinator (Rosa Lopez), computer technician, placement coordinator, counselor, and outreach (sales). Part-time faculty are included in the grant. Dr. Huerta thanked Ms. VanderGiesen for looking for other funding possibilities and for following the process for grants. Ms. VanderGiesen also included handouts from her area for the group to look at.

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4 - Hiring Status Update - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta referred to the updated handout on new or replacement positions. As noted on the handout, B&I positions have been filled, General Studies has the Dept. Chair open, Health positions are almost filled, Technical positions have been filled, the Library, Student Services, and ABE positions are almost filled. Dr. Huerta thanked everyone for giving their time during the busy summer to get these positions filled. We are in good shape. Also, hats off to Kathe Stark who did the orientations for all committee members. Informational Item
3 - Foundation/ Development Activities Update - Ms. Portillo Dr. Huerta asked Ms. Portillo to update the group on the golf tournament. Ms. Portillo noted there would be a prize for the high score and one for the low score. There is also a Gateway flat screen computer that will be raffled off. Everyone is welcomed to purchase raffle tickets. As of today, there are about 14-18 teams registered to play. The roster is due to Sonoma by Tuesday. Breakfast will be provided by Robertos and Unos is providing the caps the players will get. This year Budwieser will sponsor and will provide golf bag, all hole signs, and will provide two beverage tickets to each player. There have been 15 holes sold: some at $100 and some at $500. Ms. Portillo is working on a lunch sponsor and goodie bags. There are 16 door prizes and she is still working on collecting more. Coach Theus, NMSU basketball coach, has been invited as a celebrity. All sponsors will have a team playing including Unos, Budweiser, and the Hispano Chamber. Ms. Portillo noted she had three individuals who needed a team to play with. Please let her know if you know a team needing players.

Ms. Portillo updated the group on the Amado Peña fund raiser. Dr. Huerta and Ms. Portillo have been working with Mr. Peña since February on proposed fund raiser. The proposal has been finalized and Mr. Peña has taken the proposal for his signature. The proposal includes a poster to be used by DABCC to raise funds. The poster will be reprinted and sold with and without Mr. Peña's signature. On Tuesday, October 25 at the Farm and Ranch Museum there will be a meet/greet no host cocktail at 6:00 p.m., a dinner at 7:00 p.m., and an exhibit and sale at 8:00 p.m. The tickets are $50.00. On Wednesday, October 26 at DABCC there will be an open forum for students from 11:30 a.m to 1:00 p.m. Ms. Portillo suggested a class project, report be given to students to get them to participate. We want to impress Mr. Peña so he will be interested in the future. This is the first event for NMSU Homecoming and will be on their schedule. If more than 300 people attend the dinner, the patio area will be used; if less than 300, the gallery will be used. There is a committee of internal DABCC and external community people helping and they will help with the best marketing approach. The Las Cruces, El Paso, and Alamogordo art galleries along with VIPs have been sent a "save the date" postcard. Ms. Portillo noted that Mr. Peña has never done this for any New Mexico school - we are the first. Dr. Huerta added that Mr. Peña has given us 5/6 different paintings to choose from for the poster.

Ms. Portillo noted she has attended a fund raising academy on main campus the last two days. The NMSU capital campaigns were discussed. A panel of three university presidents was included at the academy. DABCC will need to get on bandwagon and start raising funds for the NMSU capital campaign.
Please let Ms. Portillo know if you have space on your team for players.

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5 - Fall 2005 Convocation - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta reminded the group that the Fall Convocation will be on Wednesday, August 17. Ms. Lady Branham from the Higher Learning Commission has been invited and confirmed as the guest speaker. She will focus on the PIF and the general requirements for re-accreditation. Immediately following Ms. Branham, there will be concurrent breakout sessions on the five institutional priorities. Each Task Force will give a summary of their priority action plans.

Dr. Huerta asked the group for their input on the fall convocation. Dr. Huerta has noticed a decline in attendance and wanted to know if we should continue to have the convocations. A lot of effort and time is given to put together. Ms. VanderGiesen asked if Dr. Huerta wanted all offices to close. Dr. Huerta noted no, but it is important that everyone attend. A reduced staff to answer phones is preferred. Dr. Huerta would like to see all new employees attend. After a long discussion on downscaling, making it mandatory, the importance of the information given and the climate, travel time for satellite staff, and recording for Web, Dr. Huerta decided no change would be made for Fall. It will be looked at for the Spring. It will continue for part-time faculty as is - they appreciate it. Ms. VanderGiesen suggested Dr. Huerta talk about the One University concept with everyone. Dr. Huerta will mention at convocation
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The Fall Convocation will stay as is, but the Spring Convocation will be looked at and possibly changed.
6 - Dr. John Taylor Visit - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta noted on Friday, September 16, Dr. John Taylor, our liaison from the Higher Learning Commission will be at DABCC. The agenda is currently being worked on but he will meet with the Executive Team, the Division Deans, the Academic Leadership Team, and the HLC Steering Committee. We are on schedule in respect to accreditation. We did receive the letter from HLC acknowledging our intent to seek separate accreditation. Informational Item
7 - Administrative Survey Results & Sharing of Information - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta noted on Tuesday, August 30 in room 96, a review of the administrative surveys will be done. As you will recall, earlier this year Drs. Huerta, Montoya, and Mr. Burke were evaluated by the college. At 3:00 p.m., Provost Flores will review Dr. Huerta and immediately following, Dr. Huerta will review Dr. Montoya and Mr. Burke. We are currently looking at the policy for the Division Dean's evaluation. Informational Item
8 - Program for Scheduling/ Budgeting Process Update - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta met with Mr. Burke, Drs. Chieffo, Lillibridge and Mr. Walker on developing a process to merge the schedules with the budget. We want something to help us schedule more efficiently and be efficient in using our facilities. We are sometimes over budget $150,000 to $200,000. We need to look at our variable credit courses which are 10% of our courses. Dr. Huerta will be looking to Dr. Chieffo's leadership to implement a process for Spring. Mr. Burke added what we are trying to accomplish is 1) when doing schedule, compare with last schedule; and 2) set college policy/approach on overflow of 10% when meeting demand for courses. Dr. Huerta would like doing away with late registrations which are not a good retention effort and a non funded effort as noted by Mr. Burke. Do we continue to admit and register through out the semester? Mr. Burke wants to allow all developmental courses to be added as needed but is concerned with the second courses needed. We need to control more - students and developmental courses. Dr. Huerta noted that 686 students were dis-enrolled for non payment. Dr. Huerta will be looking to Dr. Chieffo's leadership in implementing a program for scheduling/budgeting process for Spring.
9 - Business Meals - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta has been looking at the amount of money the college spends on business meals and it is excessive. We will cut down. Dr. Huerta is requesting everyone to scale down in using public monies to feed ourselves. From here on, business luncheons with colleagues can happen, but will not be reimbursed. Mr. Burke noted the policies were relatively loose and have been left up to managers/departments. The general rule is not to feed ourselves when not at a special function with an external participant(s). Mr. Burke added there is a large amount of money being used. Dr. Huerta would like the college to be good stewards of public funds and for everyone to scale way down. Dr. Huerta asked the college to be good stewards of public funds and to scale down on business meals.
10 - Announcements Dr. Lillibridge noted the increases in FTE and headcount as of today:
FTE = 3,208 up 10.7%
Headcount = 5,608 up 9.5%
B&I FTE - up 5.6%
Gen Studies FTE - up 9.4%
Health FTE - up 17.9%
Technical - up 12.7%
EMC FTE - up 13.4%
GDC FTE - up 16.8%
LCC FTE - up 9.2%
SPC FTE - up 6.5%
WSC - up 2.7%

Ms. VanderGiesen noted "save the date" postcards were sent for the Workforce Summit and Conference on October 13-14. If you are asked to help, please say yes. The summit is $50 and the summit and conference is $165. There will be a speaker from Washington, DC to open pre-conference and conference.

Ms. Portillo noted the Creative Media Institute premiere on August 23 at 6:00 p.m. in the Commons. Ms. Rebecca Kongs will announce and invites will be sent out today. The Construction Alliance will be having a fund raising dinner on October 20 at the Fulton Center.

Dr. Chieffo noted Next Step and Bridge Program will begin classes on August 9. They have called all non next step students enrolled in these courses to remind them the classes start August 9.

Dr. Huerta asked everyone to note golf tournament on their calendars and come out and support.

Irene gave a couple of updates for Ms. Kathe Stark: 1) please have the back ups for e-hires trained ASAP; and 2) please refer to e-mail dated August 3 on student e-hires and be sure to check your workflow frequently. Dr. Huerta noted all people must get paid and it will be unacceptable if they do not get paid. Please work with Kathe.
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Next Meeting Friday, September 2, 2005, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Meeting Ended 11:50 a.m.