In-Person Entrance Counseling

REQUIRED for Federal Student LOAN Disbursement!

Any FIRST-TIME loan borrowers at Doña Ana Community College will need to complete an In-Person Entrance Counseling session offered by the DACC Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships prior to the semester for which they intend to receive the loan. Entrance Counseling is a Federal requirement for FIRST-TIME borrowers; teaching students their rights and responsibilities of borrowing a federal student loan. In-Person Entrance Counseling takes place at various times and locations including: East Mesa Center Auditorium, Gadsden Center and Sunland Park Center. Register for the sessions at the following link: DACC In-Person Entrance Counseling.

***Promissory Note requirements still need to be completed at***

For In-Person Entrance Counseling session please note the following:

  • Arrive early as doors are locked promptly at session start time
  • Must present a picture ID
  • Bring a pen/pencil
  • Please make childcare arrangements in advance

For all FIRST-TIME loan borrowing FRESHMAN (0-27 credit hours), there will be a 30-day hold on Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Federal Direct Student Loans and Perkins Loans.

For questions visit our office at the East Mesa Center, Student Resource Building, Rm. 109 or call (575) 527-7696.