Hot Springs High School

Course Subject Course Title
    30 courses to choose from!
Fall Spring Summer
AERT 121Introduction to Aerospace Workplace
AERT 122Aerospace Safety and Quality
AERT 224Aerospace Tests and Measurements
AERT 255Sp. Topics: Space Payload
BCT 101Introduction to Construction I
BCT 102Introduction to Construction II
BCT 103Introduction to Construction Lab
BCT 114Basic Carpentry
BCT 116Basic Carpentry Lab
BCT 217Building and the Environment
C S 110Computer Literacy
CEP 110Human Growth and Behavior
CMT 115Digital Photography & Imaging I
CMT 140Print Media I Subtitle: Adobe Indesigny
CMT 142Computer Illustration
CMT 145Digital Photography & Imaging I
ELT 265Introduction to Aerospace Workspace
ENGL 111Rhetoric and Composition
LAWE 202Police Patrol Procedures
LAWE 204Introduction to Homeland Security
MAT 106App Manuf Processes
MAT 265Aero Test & Measurement
MATH 121College Algebra
NA 104C.N.A. Fundamentals
NA 105Certified Nursing Assistant Clinical
OETS 102Career Readiness Certification Preparation
WELD 100Structural Welding I
WELD 110Blueprint Reading (Welding)
WELD 130Introduction to GMAW (MIG)
WELD 150Pipe Welding II