Hatch Valley High School

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Fall Spring Summer
AERT 121Introduction to the Aerospace Workplace
AERT 122Introduction to the Aerospace Workplace
AHS 120Medical Terminology
AUTO 112Basic Gasoline Engines
AUTO 117Basic Gasoline Engines:
AUTO 120Electrical Systems
AUTO 125Brakes
BMGT 110Introduction to Business
BMGT 140Principles of Supervision I
BOT 101Keyboarding Basics
BOT 105Business English I
BOT 106Business Mathematics
C EP 110Human Growth and Behavior
C J 101Introduction to Criminal Justice
C J 205Criminal Law I
C J 210The American Law Enforcement System
C J 221Fundamentals: Criminal Investigations
C S 110Computer Literacy
CHSS 100Introduction to Health and Social Services
CHSS 101Overview of Health and Community Services
CMT 115Digital Photography and Imaging I
CMT 130Introduction to Web Design
COLL 101College/life Success
COLL 155Special Topics: Math and English Supplement
ECED115Child Growth, Development and Learning
ENGL 111Rhetoric and Composition
ENGR 100Introduction to Engineering
ENGR 111Mat lab Programming
GOVT 100American National Government
HOST 201Introduction to Hospitality Industry
MAT 108Metrology, Safety & Quality Control for Mfg.
NA 104Certified Nursing Assistant Fundamentals
NA 110Electrocardiogram Technician Basic
OECS 105Introduction to Microcomputer Technology
OECS 185PC Maintenance and Selection I
OECS 207Windows
OECS 208Internet Applications
OECS 214Creating a Web Page
OECS 261Computer network Design: Cisco Academy
OEEM 101CPR for the Health Care Professional
OETS 102Career Readiness Certification Preparation
WELD 130Introduction to GMAW (MIG)
WELD 170Welded Fabrication