Campus Layouts and Designations

DACC has several campuses and locations where classes are held.
See Campuses & Facilities for addresses and maps.

Doña Ana Community College Buildings
Prefix Campus Building
DAAR East Mesa Academic Resources Building
DACL Central General Classroom Building
DADM East Mesa Digital Media Building
DASR East Mesa Student Resources
DAEM East Mesa Main Building
DAGC Gadsden Center General Building
DAHL Central Health Services Building
DALR Central Learning Resources Building
DAMA Central Main Building
DASP Sunland Park General Building
DATS Central Technical Studies Building
DAWD Workforce Center 2345 E. Nevada Ave
DAWS White Sands Center White Sands Missile Range


Buildings at Other Locations
Prefix Location
EC1 Engineering Complex I, NMSU Campus
S-CHPS Chaparral High School
S-DHS Deming High School
S-FB Fort Bliss, El Paso
S-GHS Gadsden High School
S-HHS Hatch Valley High School
S-HSHS Hot Springs High School – Truth or Consequences
S-LCHS Las Cruces High School
S-MHS Mayfield High School
S-MNLC Mesquite Neighborhood Learning Center
S-OHS Oñate High School
S-SHS Santa Teresa High School