Command Spanish®

We are sorry but we cannot offer senior discounts for online classes.

No prior knowledge of Spanish required!

What are Command Spanish® e-Training programs?

Web-based Spanish language training courses that the student can take whenever and wherever they want, because they are asynchronous and non-instructor-led.  These programs were designed to be efficient, effective, and not teacher-bound. Moreover, the student takes the course at his/her convenience and pace, not the institution’s convenience and pace.

Learn key phrases in your field! Our online categories of study include:

  • Business & Industry
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Public Safety
  • General Interest
  • Law Enforcement, Corrections & Probation

The following Command Spanish® e-Training courses are available online NOW:

  • Spanish for Real Estate Sales (this course has just been approved by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials–ARELLO, Distance Education Council for 40 hours)
  • Spanish for Dentists
  • Spanish for Dental Hygienists
  • Spanish for Retail
  • Spanish for Respiratory Therapists
  • Spanish for Emergency Medical Services
  • Spanish for Financial Institutions
  • Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers
  • Spanish for Construction Supervisors
  • Spanish for the Community
  • Spanish for Pharmacy Personnel
  • Spanish for the Workplace
  • Spanish for Hospital Nurses*
  • Spanish for Medical Office Nursing
  • Spanish for Physicians
  • Spanish for Library Personnel
  • Spanish for School Teachers

*Online Nursing courses have been approved in all 50 states for CEU credit by the American Nursing Credentialing Center (ANCC)

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We are sorry but we cannot offer senior discounts for online classes.