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In keeping with ethical standards of the mental health profession and the law, all services provided and records produced by the staff of DACC Student Counseling Center are kept confidential.

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Limits to Confidentiality

Mental Health Professionals have a legal responsibility to disclose client information without prior consent in certain cases to protect clients and others. These include cases where a client has communicated to the mental health professional or where a counselor has reasonable cause to believe that the client is dangerous to him- or herself, where there is a serious threat of physical violence to other individuals, or when the client may be gravely disabled and unable to care for him or herself. Additionally, counselors are obligated to report any cases of child abuse or elder abuse, and when the client's records are subpoenaed by the court system. We may also contact your designated Emergency Contact if we believe you are at risk.


  • It is the policy of DACC Student Counseling Center to serve clientele regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or veteran status.
  • We seek to enhance the diversity of our clientele, staff, and trainees. We believe diversity among our staff and trainees helps provide role models and mentors for our clients and trainees, who will become the leaders of the future in academia and society at large.