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Computer Lab 85

DACC Computer Labs Policies & Procedures

Doña Ana Community College strives to provide students with the needed resources to succeed in college. To maintain our facilities, we ask that you observe the following procedures:

  • You must be enrolled at DACC, ABE, NMSU, or through the DACC Community Education Program in order to use the equipment in the Lab. Reservations are not available.
  • No one under 18 permitted to use the lab unless enrolled at DACC or NMSU.
  • For your protection and that of the equipment, all media can be scanned upon request for viruses at the front desk upon entering and leaving the lab.
  • Several computers are attached to special equipment or have special software. We may ask you to release them to students needing to use them.
  • ID's are required to check out any books or other equipment from the lab (front desk).
  • The computer lab phone is limited to 3 minute phone calls.
  • Any special requests need the approval of the lab supervisor. Lab assistants do not have the authority to grant any special requests.
  • We ask that you print only one copy of your document. If you need more than one, please go to a copy machine.
  • Cell phone use is not permitted in the open computer lab. Please take all calls outside of the lab. If you need to have your cell phone on while in the lab place it on vibrate or silent so you are not disturbing others using the lab.
  • The lab assistants are available to help troubleshoot equipment or software. They can help only at their level of expertise. Your instructor is to provide any definite answers to questions you may have about your homework.
  • A "lost & found" is provided as a courtesy. The computer lab is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any personal items lost or left in the lab.
  • Save your work on your own storage media for example: Flash drive, Email, or CD. Lab personnel are not responsible if you lose your work.
  • Students are not allowed to fix, change, move or re-configure any equipment. This includes adding paper to the printers or touch printer settings. If you need any help with the equipment, please ask a lab assistant.
  • NO EATING OR DRINKING IN THE COMPUTER LAB. (Except water in closed containers)
  • Please clean up after yourself.
  • A user will be asked to leave the lab for fighting, using profanity, or viewing pornographic material. Additional disciplinary action will be taken.

Disciplinary sanctions will be followed in accordance with the NMSU/DACC code of conduct, for any infringements of these policies. For any questions or concerns contact:

Computer Lab 85 Information Desk 575-527-7561
Kathleen Bell: Supervisor, Computer Lab 575-527-7651
Walter Lee: CC Lab Tech, Instruction 575-528-7028